This article will go through what Reports we would be recommending for the Service Manager to run

Reporting - Service Manager

There are a few reports that we would be recommending for the Service Manager to run on a regular basis

This will give you a start and then you can work out what other reports you need to run as well

All these reports can be generated through Blackpurl Header > Reporting > Reports - Common Search

All reports are setup with specific parameters and columns that match that particular report but the user can amend these parameters and columns etc as required

Please review this article - Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results 

Special Order Summary 

  • This report will list all Special Order Customer Orders and the status ie All in Stock / Need to Order / Order Submitted

  • It will allow the user to see if any of the Customer Orders for the Sales Type: Service can be booked in for further work (now that the parts have come in) 

  • Change the parameter to only show you Sales Type: Service by adding this parameter
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The end result will show the report for your department only and should you want to view individual CO then just click on the CO number in blue

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 Payroll Hours / Technician Hours / Technician Performance 

  • These three reports should be used in conjunction with each other to see how efficient / proficient and productive your Technicians are

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  • These are very important reports so they have their own articles for you to review:
Reporting - How to Run Technician Productivity Reports (including Job Clocking / Payroll Clocking)
What is Payroll Clocking / Job Clocking and Productivity Reporting

Service Jobs from Blackpurl Homepage

  • From the Homepage we have given you information on Customer Pay / Third Party / Internal / Deal stats

  • If you click on the item, it will take it to the relevant report

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For example if you want to see Customer Pay > Completed report then click on that relevant section and it will generate the report for you
  • Each one of these reports should be reviewed on a regular basis - especially Completed as this means the job is done etc