In this article we are presuming that the user already has knowledge of creating Customer Orders / searching for parts and checkout etc in Blackpurl.


A Customer has purchased the wrong part from your dealership and you have authorised to take the part back and give a refund.

  1. For our scenario above > create a new Part & Accessories Customer Order 
If you are refunding labour from a previous Service Job - you will need to create a new Service Job Customer Order 

  1. Search for and add all the parts that the customer is returning. 
In Qty Needed column > type in how many are being returned with a negative ie if they are returning only 1, type in -1.

User-added image

You will notice that the line litem status will indicate a User-added imageand the Checkout section has opened up for you to process the payment back to the customer.

Make sure you check the price and change as required.  You don't want to give them a refund of more than they have actually paid for it.

  1. If the customer is doing an exchange of parts instead of going straight to Checkout,  this is the point where you would search for the part they are swapping the return for and add it to your Customer Order. 
See example below: Customer is exchanging the wrong part for the correct part.  

User-added image

  1. Proceed to the Checkout section and select what payment method and amount you are refunding back to the customer or if it is an exchange of parts, the customer may owe money.
Click on User-added image to finalise the Refund Customer Order with an option to Print Invoice or Email Invoice to Customer.

  1. An Invoice History section has been added to the Customer Order and the Customer Order has been marked as Closed.  Remember once the Customer Order is Closed - no further changes can be made.  

User-added image

*** Please note that if you are refunding a Customer Order that has no Customer but is a Cash Sale, you will need to indicate a Customer.  BP will not do refunds to a Cash Sale