What is New

Consignment Units

  • Ability to flag Customer Owned Units as Consignment and set a selling price and agreed payout

  • Ability to include Consignment Units in Unit Inventory Reports

  • Ability to sell Consignment Units on Customer Order > Unit Deals

  • For those Dealerships that have Accounting Integration - an automatic posting of a credit memo to the consignment customers account for the agreed payout amount

  • For further information, please review our article by clicking on this link - Consignment Units

Invoice Detail Report Update

  • The include in profitability setting on fee codes is now being obeyed
  • New summary by invoice filter option

ARI Partsmart 10


What's Improved

  • Improvement - changed the sorting order of the Price File list in the Automated Price Files tool to now be alphabetical
  • Correction - an issue with Customer Order Picklist which did not properly handle line items that had been partially received
  • Correction - the Customer Invoice Reporting as it was not properly handling profitability relating to trade ins
  • Improvement - updated the help text on the Customer Deposit GL to be more informative for the user
  • Resolved - an issue where the line item pricing was not being properly recalculated when the Service Job type is changed
  • Correction - how the mileage field was being populated on data feed (at the request of the FTP company)
  • Resolved - an issue which caused invoice totals to not be correct when the invoice included a non-inventory part item
  • Resolved - issues with discrepancies between Vendor Invoice line items amount and the amounts posted to the accounting package.  The issue was caused when there was two different calculations were being used on VI lines
  • Correction - additional issue with duplicate parts on data feeds (one Dealership only)
  • Released - Custom Forms that have been mapped and made available to Dealerships
  • Improvement - developed scripting to match existing BP Customers/Vendors to Xero Customers/Vendors to assist in new activations
  • Correctionissues with unit inventory reports which were not obeying the status filter selected by the user
  • Correction - issue which caused user selected filters for the Invoice detail report to not be saved when the user creates a custom report