What’s new?

New Payment Method - AR Credit

  • Users will now have the ability to take an Accounts Receivable Credit memo from either QuickBooks or Xero and use it on a Customer Order as either a deposit or a checkout payment

  • When accounting integration is enabled an new payment method will be visible called AR Credit

  • For further information, please review our article - Payment Method - AR Credit

What’s improved?

  • Resolved - User Interface (UI) issue with the Declined Work flyout not being visible on the screen without scrolling
  • Improvement - additional data level validation to ensure that units are not received with a zero cost
  • Resolved - an issue which incorrectly allowed the user to create a supersession relationship between parts from different vendors
  • Resolved - User Interface (UI) issue which caused the action icon (three dots) to not be visible on customer order line items
  • Resolved - an issue with the Product History Summary report where it would output results to preview / pdf / excel in detailed format when it is supposed to be summary format
  • Resolved - issue with the Recalculate pricing action not working for when the Customer Order only contains a service job
  • Released - Numerous Forms have been released for specific Dealerships.  You will be contacted directly if it is your dealership's forms