What’s new?

Unit Pricing Feature 

  • Dealerships can now manage default pricing and options by Make / Model / Submodel
  • Then use this pricing and options when creating Units in Unit Ordering and for temporary units within Unit Deals
  • For further information, please review our article – Unit Pricing and Factory Options


Tax Rates Change


Greater Visibility of the Technician Notes 

  • We have now provided greater visibility for technician notes in job clocking section

  • Greater visibility is also available in the Customer Order > Service Job – Technician time section 



Automated Price File Tool

  • We have introduced a new information banner in Automated price files to remind the user that their previously used mappings have been saved for them

New VO Export File available for Yamaha Canada


FTP Feeds

  • We have implemented a new proxy server for FTP feeds


What’s improved?

  • Developed – 9 Custom Forms for specific Dealership
  • Changed – Custom Forms requested changes by relevant Dealership
  • Resolved – issue with backdated checkout payments not having the correct date when listed on the customer invoice
  • Changed – scripts used for resyncing COinvoiceJE entries
  • Updated – search logic so that previous search results will not be shown when the user modifies the search criteria
  • Resolved – issue where non-taxable entities were having tax calculated on them in internal service jobs
  • Updated – part record in stock graphic to include decimal places for quantities when required
  • Resolved – issue with generating an export for a report of customer units with a very large number of units in the report
  • Resolved – issue encountered when using the Vendor filter on unit order reporting
  • Resolved – issue encountered when incorrectly attempting to sync a time clocking entry which has no cost
  • Resolved – issue when unit check-in values are added to an appointment and then were not carried over to the service job when it was created from the appointment
  • Corrected – issues on the Offer to Purchase and Bill of Sale which caused the totals to include additional tax totals
  • Improved – Accounting sync flag for Task entries was incorrectly being enabled when entries are never generated for tasks
  • Resolved – Automated price files was not properly setting the Item Cost on parts which had been manually set to be packaged parts yet the price file did not indicate that it was a packaged parts
  • Corrected – issues with the CO invoice type not being incorrectly set for an internal transaction when checkout had already been started for another type of transaction on the same CO
  • Changed – the CO invoice preview for third-party jobs to include the PO number when populated
  • Changed – include the customer ID number on CO customer invoices
  • Corrected – issue where deductible was not being included on the invoice preview for third-party jobs
  • Corrected  – issue which incorrectly included deal merchandise in the CO invoice preview
  • Resolved – issue which caused the TO date on leave times to not be saved as entered
  • Corrected – broken graphic in the scheduler side bar pull out
  • Developed – the ground work for an upcoming new feature – Shopify Integration
  • Resolved issues encountered with actioning “View additional details” or “Advanced search” from the global search suggested matches drop down