What’s new?

Yamaha Australia - Parts Availability (Australia only)

Vendor Orders - Honda eBiz Export - Updated 

  • The Honda eBiz export option in vendor order has been updated to allow the user to also pick the type of Honda order they are submitting
  • Options are R = regular order, E = emergency order and S = standard order
  • For further information, please review our article - Vendor Order > Export File - Honda eBiz

Model / Sub Model - enable use of the Description field

What’s improved?

  • Resolved - an issue where trade-ins were not being deducted from the totals on invoices and instead were being added
  • Resolved - an issue which cause the status of a deal option part to not agree with the actual ordering/stock status of the part
  • Resolved - an issue where the individual tax filter selections were not being saved when the user created a custom version of the tax detail report
  • Resolved - an issue which caused SOM data files to not be sent when there was an issue sending the files on the previous day
  • Resolved - an issue which prevent the user for editing a consignment unit once it had been reserved to a deal
  • Correction - a rounding issue on the displayed unit receiving invoice total
  • Resolved - an issue which prevented a clocking entry sync failure from being resolved because the related service job had been deleted
  • Resolved - an issue with incorrectly formatted mileage values being sent to BRP via their repair order API
  • Release - Numerous Custom Forms for various Dealerships
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed the user to refund a deposit which had already been used as payment in checkout
  • Implemented - additional logic to handle read time out error responses from QB when removing the invoice from QB.  Previously user was stuck with a deal invoice they couldn’t re-open because the invoice was already removed from QB
  • Implemented - additional logic to prevent the user from modifying/deleting a clocking entry which had previously failed to sync until that sync failure has been resolved
  • Resolved - issue which caused the invoice preview of a third-party job to not be formatted properly as a third-party invoice
  • Resolved - an issue which prevented the user from entering an Hours value less than 1 when editing a labor code