How to contact Blackpurl Support 

Option 1 - Chat Bubble

  • The option is available to all licenced users and is accessible direct from Blackpurl by clicking on the icon which is at the bottom of all Blackpurl screens

  • It will open up a Chat Bubble for you to ask a question or raise an issue with one of our Blackpurl Support team members

  • If we cannot identify who you are, our Blackpurl Support team member will ask you for your email address and what Dealership you are contacting us from

  • Please also be aware that you may need to refresh your Chat Bubble as you may have lost connectivity due to inactivity etc

  • Please note that there maybe times that Blackpurl Support cannot answer your Chat Bubble straight away However we will endeavour to answer it as soon as possible

  • Blackpurl Support maybe also need to turn your Chat Bubble into a support case so that we can do additional investigations but we will let you know if we are doing this 

  • We endeavour to cover all North American time zones together with Australasia - Monday to Friday only

Option 2 - Knowledge Base Portal

  • This option is available to all licenced users and is accessible directly from Blackpurl Header > clicking

  • This will take you to our Knowledge Base where you can search for articles and/or videos that are relevant to your issue

  • If you cannot find the information that you need, you can create a support case directly from the Knowledge Base section and our Blackpurl Support will reply to your questions / issues by email directly from the support case

Option 3 - Emailing 

  • This option is available to all licenced users

  • If you have a support issue all users have the option of emailing our Blackpurl Support team at

  • Please ensure that you provide all details ie CO numbers / full details of what your issue is.  Screen shots and/or video are also welcome

  • Once a Blackpurl Support team member actions your support email, you should receive an email from us with the case number

  • Our Blackpurl Support will reply to your questions / issue by email  

  • Please do not ask for a Blackpurl Support team member to call - we do not want to offend when we have to decline

  • We endeavour to cover all North American time zones together with Australasia - Monday to Friday only  

Option 4 - Premium Phone Support

  • The option is available to Dealerships that have subscribed to the Premium Phone Support package 

  • A Premium Phone number will be provided to your Dealership at the time of purchasing Premium Phone Support 

  • We have Blackpurl Support team members available to take your calls but please be aware that sometimes you may need to leave a voice mail for us to call you back

  • We may also be restricted with the amount of time we can spend on one call and it might be the case that if you have a lot of items to discuss, that an appointment is set instead

  • Please do not get offended if we need to take the details and will need to get back to you as we may need to investigate your question/s - we do not want to give you the wrong answer

  • Please also do not get offended when your Premium Phone Support lapses that we no longer take your calls 

  • If you wish to subscribe to this package, please contact our sales department by emailing

  • We endeavour to cover all North American time zones together with Australasia - Monday to Friday only 

What is the role of Blackpurl Support

  • Blackpurl Support is a resource that is available to Blackpurl Dealerships that will assist them in the using of Blackpurl as it has been designed

  • Our Blackpurl Support team members will endeavour to provide you with clear and concise answers to your support questions / queries but there will be times that we will need clarification on what you are asking

  • In some instances Blackpurl Support may be unable to resolve your issue straight away ie an issue that may need to be escalated through to our Blackpurl Support Development team but Blackpurl Support will ensure that you are advised what is happening with your support case 

What is the definition of a Support Issue

  • Blackpurl is not functioning as required and/or as expected

    • User error 

    • Bug - it is a product related issue

  • Data integrity issues 

  • The Dealership has already researched their issue in the Blackpurl Knowledge Base but cannot find an answer and/or not understanding the information in the articles / videos

  • Changes to Users ie moving around licences or resetting passwords

  • A different scenario and/or specific Dealership scenarios that is not covered by our articles / videos

  • Dealership Processes - Blackpurl Support will only advise you on how Blackpurl is designed to work.  It is up to the Dealership to decide what your Dealership's processes will be 

  • Dealership has a specific request ie data fix etc

  • Accounting Integration - if you have questions about the integration between Blackpurl and your accounting package.  Please remember that it will help if you provide full details and screen shots of what you need support with


What is not considered to be a Support Issue

  • Training

Blackpurl Support will endeavour to answer your questions but sometimes it may end up turning into a training session instead. Unfortunately due to time restraints, it is not possible to do a training session as part of a support case

If you require a training refresher, please feel free to review our training modules in our Blackpurl Training Academy.  This is the link - Blackpurl Academy

If you would like one on one training, please email and indicate what training you require.  That way we can assign the best person for the job plus arrange a date / time that suits all parties and advise if a training fee will be payable

Please note that we will first go and check that you have finished the Blackpurl Training Academy modules

Do not be offended if we ask you to complete your Blackpurl Training Academy modules before we will book any one on one training as we like to ensure that all users understand the basics of Blackpurl first

If you would like a Q&A session, please email and indicate that you would like to setup a Q&A session.  During the session we can go over all your questions in one go

  • Users contacting Blackpurl Support about the same functionality over and over

Please do not get offended if we ask you to keep details or emails we send to you so you can refer to them again 

  • A call / chatter continues beyond a reasonable time or there are so many thing you need covered

Our Blackpurl Support team member will take the relevant details so they can investigate further without staying on the call / chatter

  • Activations - all activation setup / issues / data / questions should go through our Activation Team

Once your Dealership has gone through the Activation process, your Activation Specialist will let you know when you have been handed over to Blackpurl Support

  • Feedback / Suggestions - Blackpurl Support are happy to pass on your Product feedback or suggestions to our Product Team

It is the Product Team that decides which feedback / suggestions will be developed etc and in what time frame 

  • Accounting Questions - We can assist regarding questions about integration between Blackpurl and your Accounting package BUT if your Dealership has manually changed transactions after integration and/or need advice on accounting etc - we will be unable to assist

We may be able to provide you with recommendations or suggestions but please do not be offended if we advise you that it is not a Blackpurl Support issue (ie the integration worked perfectly) and that you need to contact either the Xero / QuickBooks Online Support or contact your accountant

Most Importantly 

Our Blackpurl Support Team are here to help you - we want your Dealership to succeed

We would ask that at all times our Blackpurl Support Team are treated with respect / courtesy and good manners