What’s new?

Vendor Receiving Performance and Change Improvements

  • We are continuing on our path to providing a faster and more user friendly program and this time we have made changes to the Vendor Receiving (VR) process to optimized performance 

  • We have eliminated unnecessary information from the VO listing and Outstanding items listing.  This includes the ability to expand these line items to see all of the individual needs for that line which you could not action anyways

  • We have updated the totals on the VR to now also show the total number of line items, the total of the individual quantities received as well as the total cost of the receiving

  • The pagination in the VR sections has been extended to be 100 items by default to greatly reduce the number of pages needed

  • Added the ability to search for part numbers in both the VR line items and the Outstanding items listing

  • We have also updated the vendor receiving document to now include a Merch/Service reference beside the customer order numbers

  • For further information and/or you want to refamiliarize yourself with the Vendor Receiving process, please review our article - How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets) - Vendor Receiving (VR)

System Settings > Settings and Controls - Price Settings - Prices includes Tax 

  • We have now introduced restricted access to one of our System setting - Prices includes Tax
  • Should you wish to modify this setting, please contact our Blackpurl Support team


Updating the Customer Order Auto Expansion 

  • Previously when navigating to a Customer Order certain sections would automatically expand whether the User wanted them to or not
  • We have made changes to eliminate this automatic expansion of sections and depend on how many sections the CO has, we have left it up to the User to select which sections they want to expand
  • For example:
    • if the CO contains only one section ie only a Unit Deal or only a Service Job, then that one and only section will expanded by default
    • if the CO contains more than one section ie a Parts and Accessories section plus a Service Job plus a Unit Deal, then none of the sections will be auto expanded.  It will be up to the User to indicate what section they want to access

    • Subsections within a section will never be auto expanded

Accounting Integration - Backdating into a closed accounting period

  • If a User tries to back date a transaction that will integrate into a closed accounting period, an error message will come up

  • This will mean that the User will need to review the date they have entered and change it before the transaction will finalize
  • This is to eliminate the numerous sync failures caused by previously allowing this User action
  • The types of transactions that may indicate this error if the User back dates are - Vendor Invoicing / Vendor Returns / Customer Payments / Customer Invoices etc

Accounting Integration - Customer Deposit General Ledger and Undeposited Funds General Ledger

  • As a best practice the General Ledger Account you allocate to Customer Deposits and to any Undeposited Funds accounts should never be the same one
  • We have implemented a restriction which will not allow a User to select the same General Ledger Account for both the Customer Deposits and Undeposited Funds sections in the accounting integration setup    

Accounting Integration - Unit Adjustments and Lien Payout Due Dates

  • Due dates are now being set on Bills sent to your accounting package for unit adjustments and Lien payouts
  • These due dates will be based on the Vendor terms that are setup in your accounting package
  • For example - if you finalise a unit deal that has a trade in with a lien payout, the bill to the Vendor for that lien payout will now show the due date based on the terms that are setup on that Vendor in your accounting package 

Standardizing the Vendor Availability Button

  • We consolidated the two existing buttons, BRP Availability and Cassons Availability, into a single standardised button

  • This has been done as this will be the same button used when we implement additional Vendors SOH integrations

  • The single button is now labelled Vendor Availability

  • When the vendor SOH quantity is stored locally in Blackpurl, the button will also include the quantity so the user does not have to action the button in order to see the quantity

SOM Information  

  • Updated the purchase order information being sent to SOM to now included the Expected date for the order items

What’s improved?

  • Resolved an issue which sometimes caused Blackpurl to be disconnected from QuickBooks when processing a unit adjustment entry
  • Resolved - issue which caused an “unexpected character” sync failure for invoice payments
  • Resolved - issue which caused taxes to not be properly calculated when switching a service job type between Internal Service and Third-Party
  • Resolved - issues with the Customer Order - Recalculate Pricing action not properly working on Deal Trade Ins / Third Party Service Jobs / Deal Service / Deal merchandise
  • Resolved - issue which caused the Enforce Technician PIN flag to be hidden in shop settings of settings & controls
  • Resolved - issue with the hyperlink from scheduler week view number of appointments indication did not work
  • Resolved - an issue which caused a service job status to remain as Complete even though the job has been invoiced
  • Resolved - issue where options from deals were not assigned the same pricing when added to Deal Service vs Deal Merchandise
  • Corrected - User Interface (UI) issue in the Fusion Mapping screen
  • Corrected - User Interface (UI) on mobile devices for the day view of the scheduler
  • Corrected - User Interface (UI) for unit ordering vendor tiles
  • Corrected - User Interface (UI) for the text fields in the Users screen
  • Resolved - issue with a release by Google Chrome which caused the transaction drop down on Cash Reconciliations not to work.
  • Resolved - issue with totals in the Invoice Preview where it was incorrectly reducing the subtotal by the amount of the deductible
  • Resolved - issue with units on deals created from DP360 sometimes having a zero price.  Issue was caused by the order unit being added to the deal instead of the stock unit since it's now been received
  • Resolved - issue where the invoice preview for a third-party service job did not always contain the job line items
  • Improvement - additional fields added to the service data FTP requested by a specific dealer
  • Improvement - added an external ID field to the account type object for use in data load automation (Internal)
  • ImprovementImplemented an improvement to search results displayed in global search.  Results were being shown after the user paused entering text and then after a delay would resume entering search text.  This caused results to be display based on the first text entered and not showing results based on the text entered after the pause
  • Resolved - an issue with part auto-reorder caused by bulk updating of part records primarily from the data loader
  • Resolved - issue which caused an order unit on a deal to not always reflect the current pricing set on the order unit
  • Resolved - issue which caused a mismatch between the date when a unit was actually invoiced and the date sold reported in the deal units report
  • Resolved - issue in vendor receiving which caused parts from multiple VO’s to not always be included in the VR.  In some scenarios parts from one VO were not being included while they were from another VO
  • Resolved - issue which caused the unread text message count to not agree with the actual list of unread messages.  Incoming messages that cannot be matched to a BP customer were incorrectly being included in the count
  • Resolved - issue related to deals selling a consignment unit and an accounting sync failure was encountered for its related Deal merchandise invoice
  • Released - added a time stamp to the file name generated for an FTP integration for specific Dealer
  • Resolved - issue where the amount saved was not showing the correct amount when the checkout included a kit
  • Resolved - issues encountered with inserting make/model using the data loader for activations (Internal
  • Resolved - issue obtaining a price file from AWS when the file name contained spaces
  • Released - new Forms for specific Dealer and edits on existing forms for specific Dealer
  • Resolved - issue in committing options to deals which would result in negative quantities available on parts when that part was an option on multiple units on the deal
  • Improvement - The date range filter on the Invoice Detail Report has been changed to allow reporting on a 31 day month
  • Resolved - an issue that allowed a Unit to be sold on multiple Customer Orders in specific scenarios
  • Resolved - issue which caused the status of a part on a deal to not align with the actual status of the part on that customer order
  • Resolved - issue which caused consignment information to not be displayed on a customer unit once that consignment was reserved onto a deal
  • Resolved - issue which caused unit information to drop off of a unit when editing an order unit
  • Resolved - issue which prevented a user from removing an empty service job simply because a technician was assigned to the job
  • Resolved - Timezone issue which caused Bills created in Xero to be dated one day prior to the actual bill date
  • Resolved - an issue which prevented a service job from being finalized when a part on that job had a very long description
  • Released - updated Form required by specific Dealership