This article is Step 8 of Understanding Accounting Integration - Transaction Type

To see all the steps of Understanding Accounting Integration, please review - Understanding Accounting Integration

Step 8 - Transaction Type 

Transaction types allow you to trigger different General Ledger Accounts which will overrule the Category assigned to the Part or Labor / Labour codes 

These are a few links that may assist you:

You can also define custom transaction types to suit your accounting needs

Blackpurl comes with a base set of Transaction Types all set to the default parts and labour categories but the Dealership can customize these to suit their accounting needs

The Dealership can also add additional services or part Transaction Types to suit their business needs

Where do Transaction Types come into play?

Customer Order > Service Job section:

The different transaction types can be selected on a Service Job section when selecting "Who is paying for the job?":

For further information on 'Who is paying for the job?', please review this article - Service Job - Understanding the options for "Who is paying for the job?" (ie Third Party - Insurance & Warranty Claims)

Customer Order > Parts & Accessories section:

The different Transaction Types can be selected on a Parts & Accessories section by clicking Change type

By clicking on the Change type, you can then select the Transaction Type - don't forget to SAVE

For further information, please review this article - Part Sales - The ability to Change Transaction Types (including Layby/Layaway) and Commit Parts