What’s new?

Enhanced Picklist Importing - Customer Orders / Vendor Orders

  • We have introduced two new picklist formats which users can now import into Blackpurl

  • They are the Snap-on EPC format and a Generic CSV format which has two columns(with a header row) of part# and quantity

  • User will now have a drop down selector to pick which format they’d like to import - PartSmart / Snap-On EPC / SOM / Generic csv

  • For further information, please refer to our article - Importing a Picklist File into Blackpurl (PartSmart / SnapOn / Generic)

Deleting Assigned Appointments

  • We have made the action of deleting assigned appointments which is already linked to a service job or to delete a service job which has an appointment to it to be more user friendly 

  • User is provided with a confirmation window warning them of the effect their delete action will have on the related appointment or service job

  • For further information, please refer to our article - Deleting Assigned Appointments

DP360 Integration Updates

  • Additional Blackpurl Unit Data fields are now syncing to DP360.  These include full make / model / submodel, URL for Blackpurl Unit Record, Unit Notes field and also suggested price

  • Any changes made to the Unit Record fields in Blackpurl will now sync to DP360 as they occur

  • When Unit Deals are created in Blackpurl from a lead in DP360:

  • if the lead has different pricing than the pricing indicating on the Blackpurl Unit Record, then the pricing from the DP360 lead will be used on the Unit Deal

  • Internal Comments will be added to the Customer Order indicating who created the Unit Deal and which DP360 lead the Unit Deal was created from

  • Additional Internal Comments will be added whenever a unit from the DP360 lead cannot be matched with a unit in Blackpurl

  • For further information, please refer to our article - Dealership Performance 360CRM (DP360) Integration

SOM Integration Update

  • Whenever a part has a TAG assigned to it called “obsolete”, the SOM part inventory file submitted will include an obsolete indicator for the part

What’s improved?

  • Resolved - issues with the “Contains” filter in grid search not looking at the Submodel field for possible matches
  • Resolved - issue in the part count tool where it would incorrectly show a location for a part which was not actually assigned to that part
  • Resolved - issue in grid search where the default totals were not showing as pre-selected and selections made were not being retained
  • Resolved - issue which did not save changes made to transaction type settings
  • Resolved - issue which caused changes to AR payment amounts on invoices to not be saved and properly reflected in the total AR payment amount
  • Resolved - issue encountered when activating a Quote third-party job and the job type was incorrectly changed to customer pay