Payment Methods such as AfterPay and PayPal usually take out the fee prior to paying you the balance funds

This article will explain how to process the PayPal and/or AfterPay payment when it is received into the Dealership's bank account 

For example

  • A customer uses PayPal to pay for their Invoice in Blackpurl of $100 but when PayPal pay the Dealership for the funds for this transaction Paypal takes out their fees of $5

  • This means that the Dealership will only receive $95 into the bank account


  • PayPal / AfterPay has been activated as a Payment Method in Blackpurl

This means that these Payment Methods are now available to be used in Blackpurl 

Please review this article for further information - Selecting Payment Methods

  • In your Blackpurl - Accounting Integration > Undeposited Funds section you have indicated the relevant General Ledger 

This means that when the Deposit and/or checkout is taken in Blackpurl using the relevant Payment Method, it will go to an undeposited funds General Ledger

Please review this article for further information - Undeposited Funds General Ledger - Blackpurl and Accounting Package (Xero and QuickBooks)

In Blackpurl

  • You would process a Customer Order as normal and when a Customer wants to pay a Deposit or Checkout by AfterPay / PayPal you would use the relevant Payment Method 

  • When the Deposit or Checkout payment integrates to your Accounting Package, it will sit in the undeposited funds General Ledger that you nominated under Accounting Integration > Undeposited Funds General Ledger section

In your Accounting Package

  • When you receive the funds from PayPal / AfterPay in your bank account, you would then allocate the payments to the same Undeposited Funds General Ledger as per the previous dot point above BUT you will also need to account for the fee that PayPal / AfterPay has deducted from the Dealership

  • For example - A customer uses PayPal to pay for a $100 Invoice in Blackpurl but PayPal only pays you $95 (the difference of $5 is the fee PayPal charge) into your bank account

To process:

  • You would process the full amount ie $100 to the Undeposited Funds General Ledger (to clear out the $100 taken in Blackpurl) and then add a line to process -$5 to your PayPal fees General Ledger or where ever you want to expense the $5 PayPal fee to
  • If done correctly you would have $95 showing on your bank allocation