This article will just explain how / where you need to account for Vendor Prepayment / Deposit or paying the Vendor Upfront prior to receiving the parts into stock (VR) in Blackpurl 


The Dealership wants to order parts from Vendor: Smith & Co but the Dealership does not have an account with them so Smith & Co are requiring the Dealership to pay up front.

How to: 

Remembering that Blackpurl does not deal with the $$ side of your business - the processing of the Vendor Prepayment / Payment up front etc is done in your Accounting Package 

In Blackpurl

  • Dealership would process the VO as normal and once the Vendor Invoice comes in from the Vendor asking for payment

In your Accounting Package

  • the user would then go into your Accounting Package and make the payment to the Vendor 

  • to process the Prepayment in your Accounting Package, you will need to basically process a credit on the Vendors record 

In Blackpurl 

  • When the goods are received by the Dealership, the user would finish the VO / VR / VI process and the Vendor Invoice will integrate over to your Accounting Package as unpaid

In your Accounting Package 

  • Once you see the relevant Vendor Invoice in your Accounting Package, you would then pay (or allocate) the Vendor Invoice with the Prepayment already sitting on the relevant Vendor Record