This article will show how the Dealership have the option to print out and/or email an Invoice Preview to the relevant payer

How to use Invoice Preview 

On one Customer Order, there maybe a:

  • Parts & Accessories section - payable by the Customer

  • Service Job section - payable by the Customer

  • Service Job section for warranty work - payable by a Third Party Warranty Company

  • Service Job section for Insurance - payable by a Third Party Insurance Company

  • Service Job section for Internal Expenses - basically the Dealership is wearing the expense of the Service Job

In some instances the Dealership may be required to email an Invoice Preview ie to the Third Party Insurance Company to get approval for the work

To do this:

  • Click on > and click the checkbox of the Invoice Preview that you require

  • Then click on or

  • If you select Print Selected - the Invoice Preview or Previews will generate in their own window for you to then print 

  • If you select Email Selected - the Choose an Email Address window will pop up so you can complete 

User will also be given the option of adding an Optional Message that will be included in the body of the email 

Once you have emailed, Blackpurl will put a note in the Internal Notes section what document was emailed to what email address

If you have multiple Service Jobs as Internal Expense, when printing an Invoice Preview, they will not collate and print as one Invoice - they will print a separate Invoice Previews for each Service Job Internal Expense

You may also have an issue with your pop up blocker not allowing you to Invoice Preview all Internal Expense Service Jobs