What’s new?

Customer Order > Invoice Preview Enhancement 

  • When a Customer Order contains multiple types of transactions the user has the ability to select which of those transactions they want to generate an invoice preview for
  • Invoice previews for non customer invoice types ie Warranty and/or Insurance jobs, will also be available and the relevant Third Party Payer's name will now automatically generate on the Invoice Preview

  • For further information, please review our article - Customer Orders - Invoice Preview

Customer Order > Unit Deals - Bill of Sale and Offer to Purchase document enhancements

The Bill of Sale and Offer to Purchase have been modified as follows:

  • The customer label has now been changed to “Sold/Invoiced and Delivered To” (This change is for Australian Dealers only)

  • Each unit on the document will now included a NEW / USED indicator (including the Trade In units)

  • Unit information will now also include the Engine# and Plate/Reg#

  • Financing information will now include the address of the finance company

Cash Sale Customer Order - Default Account Type

  • Cash sales will now respect the tax exemptions of the default account type
  • This enables the ability to have parts to be taxable by multiple tax jurisdictions yet cash sales will still respect the local tax settings

Cash Sale and Internal Customer Orders -  Recalculate Pricing Action

  • The recalculate pricing action on cash sales and internal customer orders will now be available to reflect changes to the default price levels in pre-existing Customer Orders

Introduction of a Universally Acceptable Unit Icon

  • The icon used to represent units has now been standardized across the entire system

  • It now uses a key icon so that it no longer represents a particular market segment 

Factory Options - Additional Characters 

  • We have increased the allowable character limits on defined factory options

  • Factory code has increased from 10 to 20 characters

  • Description has increased from 40 to 230 characters

What’s improved?

  • Resolved - sync failures being caused by “Unable to lock row” responses from Quickbooks
  • Resolved - issue where users were not able to action a few parts of Blackpurl due to insufficient access rights
  • Resolved - issue causing “maximum stack depth” errors being reported for Cassons SOH (Stock on hand) integration
  • Resolved - issue which incorrectly allowed the user to enter a description for a labor line which exceeded the size of the description field.  Now the user will be limited to the 255 character description field size
  • Resolved - issue with the Deal Option Clearing GL not being properly balanced which was caused by deal invoices being reopened (QuickBooks Integration)
  • Developed - New back end script  to align part committed quantities with the actual quantities committed
  • Resolved - issue which caused an incorrect mileage type to be shown on deal documents.  Now the mileage type of the unit is always used
  • Resolved - issue which represented an order unit with a stock unit label when searching for units to add to a deal
  • Resolved - issue with searching for and finding the required applicable tax code use on a deal unit
  • Resolved - issue which caused part locations to not appear in the part flyout in the vendor order screen
  • Resolved - issue with models not appearing in the Make/Model management caused by the user entering a special character in the name of a Make
  • Resolved - issues encountered when searching for a unit to replace a temporary unit on a deal
  • CorrectionWebsite Product Management with updating part qty / price / cost / sale price 
  • Correction - Website Product Management with the removal of the dependency on the "publish in feeds" flag
  • Improvement DP360 integration with the Implemented the new “date modified” element so now leads created OR modified with XX days can be obtained
  • Improvement - DP360 integration with leads containing multiple units, these multiple units will now be added to the Unit Deal in Blackpurl
  • Resolved - an issue which caused job statuses to no longer be available in the status modal window
  • Resolved - an issue which caused the sidebar totals for the Product History Report to not agree with the actual data listed on the report
  • Resolved - an issue which caused the totals on a deal service invoice to not agree with the actual contents of the invoice
  • Resolved - issue with the Deal Option Clearing GL not being properly balanced which was caused by deal invoices being reopened (Xero integration)
  • Resolved - issues encountered when when trying to schedule a technician on an old appointment
  • Resolved - issue which caused all temporary units to be labelled as Used units on the deal documents
  • Resolved - issue with the generic picklist format which was forcing encapsulation and specific column headers
  • Resolved - a UI issue with the text messages window not scrolling properly and clipping off some of the text information
  • Resolved - issue with special characters from factory options not being included on the deal documents
  • Resolved - issue with obtaining leads just created in DP360
  • Resolved - issue with the status of a website product being changed to Draft when the price of the part is changed in Blackpurl
  • Resolved - issue with the agreed value of trade-ins from DP360 leads was not being populated on the deal trade in Blackpurl
  • Resolved - issues with the messages count icon in the gear drop down when there was a large number of unread messages
  • Resolved - UI styling issues in the workshop dashboard for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Resolved - UI issue when viewing the job clocking screen on a mobile device and the payroll toggle could not be triggered as it would not be fully visible
  • Implemented - internal code to facilitate faster deployment of release packages and patch releases