What’s new?

Bulk Unit Ordering  

  • When creating order units, the user now has the option to create up to as many as 50 identical units in a single action

  • This new Bulk Unit Order action button will be available just as long as the user does not populated the VIN or Stock number fields 

  • If you have existing On Order units that you wish to use the Bulk Unit Ordering action on, you can use Order More action from the view order unit page - just as long as the On Order unit is not populated with the VIN or Stock Number fields

  • For further information, please review our amended article - How to Process a Unit Order (Single Unit Order or Bulk Unit Orders)

Receiving Multiple Units - single invoice

  • Previously in this scenario the user would have to enter a unique variation of the invoice number and a date on each of the units received

  • This new feature will take care of this for them and only requires the user to enter in the invoice number and date just once when receiving multiple units 

  • We have also made a change that the Purchase Tax Code being used for tax calculation on the Unit Receiving is visible from that screen with the ability to change the Purchase Tax Code if required

  • For further information, please review our amended article - How to process a Unit Receiving (Single Unit Receiving or Bulk Unit Receiving)

BRP Parts ordering API update

  • After a BRP Vendor Order has been validated by the API, the user now has the option to not submit it to BRP via the API and instead simply set the status of the VO to On Order

Part Count Tool  - change of logic 

  • Updated the Part Count Tool importing logic so that part number values in the import file can now also be matched against part record SKU numbers to find a match

What’s improved?

  • Resolved - Website Product Management issues:
    • Error status when publish new product

    • Products already published change to error status

    • Product duplication

    • Order taken in Shopify did not open CO in BP

  • Resolved - issues which caused the nightly BRP parts inventory submission to occasionally fail to submit

  • Resolved - issue with the deal documents (Bill of Sale etc) previewing blank the first time they are generated for a deal

  • Resolved - issue which allowed users not having costs permissions to still be able to see costs on the invoice detail report

  • Resolved - an issue on the month view of the scheduler caused when switching to daylight savings time

  • Improvement - implemented a restriction in customer order checkout to prevent the user from using the charge on account payment method when the invoice total is zero

  • Resolved - an issue which gave the user an unresolvable error message when actioning the active orders link from the customer section of a CO

  • Resolved - an issue encountered when populating the make/model fields on a temporary unit

  • Resolved - an issue which caused a CO pick ticket not include line item detail when one of the line items was partially invoiced

  • Resolved - an issue encountered when modifying the applicable tax code field on fee codes

  • Resolved - an issue which prevented the user from finalizing a third-party job and the CO quote toggle had been changed

  • Resolved - an issue which prevented the user from properly linking a service job to an existing appointment

  • Released - 1st release of Mapped forms for specific Dealerships with the relevant Dealerships notified

  • Released - 2nd release of Mapped forms for specific Dealerships with the relevant Dealerships notified

  • Resolved - issues related to the Salesforce Winter ‘22 update (our Platform Provider) and it’s changes to how domain names are handled.  This resolves the recent issue we’ve had with price file updates

  • Updated - the HDA Vendor Order export file to have packages converted into item quantities in the output file.  This is to meet the requirements of HDA that they need all packaged parts, ordered as individual items

  • Resolved - a scheduler display issue caused when a multi-day appointment is switch to be a single day appointment (old scheduler only)

  • Resolved - an accounting issue related to fees on deals in Australia

  • Resolved - pagination issues in the Parts Movement report

  • Improvement - User Interface (UI) change for page scrolling issue on tablets

  • Improvement - User Interface (UI) change for workshop dashboard opening transition

  • Released - 3rd release of Mapped forms for specific Dealership with the relevant Dealerships notified