What's new?

Price File Import Tool

  • We have updated the Price File Import tool so that it could also be used to load in locations 
  • For further information, please review - How to Import a Vendor Price File

Customer Records - Payment of account


  • Updated the format of the BRP parts picklist to align with the new format required by BRP

Job Clocking off from Customer Order 

  • We have implemented the ability for the user to enter notes when clocking off of a job directly on the customer order

What's Improved? 

  • Resolved - an issue which prevented a return CO from being finalized in checkout

  • Resolved - an issue where the user could not select a control account in the Accounting integration setup screen

  • Resolved - an issue with Oversold qty when a part record is updated from multiple tabs in a session

  • Resolved - an issue which prevented a CO from remaining closed when in only contained reversed deposit entries and the CO was deleted

  • Resolved - an issue which gave a system error when editing a customer with a name containing an apostrophe

  • Resolved - an issue with the tax detail report where it was offering the selection of deactivated taxes

  • Resolved - a formatting issue with the BossWeb export format from vendor order

  • Implemented a backend action to allow unsubmitting of a service job claim

  • Resolved - an issue where a user with read only permissions for costs could not view the cost tracking section on a part record

  • Resolved - an issue which would not post more than 200 vendor return part adjustments at one time

  • Resolved - an issue which prevented inventory data files from being sent to BRP

  • Resolved - an issue which allowed a user without Manage Job Clocking permission to actually edit/delete clocking entries

  • Updated - version of the GetPartsMaster API for BRP which should resolve issues encountered before with packaged parts

  • Resolved - an issue which allowed old disabled taxes to be available when creating a new vendor

  • Resolved - an issue where cash rounding payments were not showing a cash drawer in payment reporting

  • Resolved - some issues encountered syncing order units to DP360 where the sync flag was being enabled even though the integration was not

  • Updated - our backend configurations to make it easier to implement new FTP feeds without requiring development effort each time

  • Removed - old code that was being used when new users were being created for a customer org which set them up with SF community access which we no longer use

  • Implemented - additional validations when working with the Cassons data feed to reduce unnecessary error reporting

  • Resolved - a Shopify order syncing issue which only occurred when the Blackpurl did not have an accounting integration enabled

  • Resolved - an issue which caused the Open orders total to show an incorrect value on the customer page

  • Resolved - an issue which allowed a technician to manually log time on a job without having the Modify job clocking permission enabled

  • Resolved - an issue on the User report where it was not properly handling the active/inactive status of the user

  • Resolved - a price file import issue where it was not accommodating corrections in the price file to supersessions

  • Updated - System Setting > Settings and Controls -> Price Settings - Cash Rounding will only allow the options of 1c / 5c / 10c 

  • Resolved -  an issue with creating users from the front end of Blackpurl, where it was not assigning the correct time zone to the newly created user

  • Updated - the VO import format for SOM to give priority to matching to parts for the vendor assigned to the VO

  • Updated - the “Cash/Credit Only” filter for payment reporting so that Preferred Payments entries are included along with the rest of the cash/credit entries in this filter

  • Resolved - an issue which caused a claim deductible to be available in checkout after it had already been invoiced

  • Resolved an issue which reported an NITC sync failure even though there was no sync failure

  • Released - Mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly