What's new?

Introduction of 11 Markup Tiers

Automated Price File Tool  / Manual Price File Import Tool / Vendor Controlled Retail Pricing Calculations

  • Automated Price File tool has been updated to now include 11 markup tiers (instead of 3) when the Dealership is configuring their own MSRP, Price and Cost calculations 

For further information, please review our updated article - Automated Price Files Tool (Automated Price File Imports)

  • Manual Price File import tool now also makes use of up to 11 markup tiers (instead of 1) when the Dealership selects “Calculated Values” as column mapping for Retail and MSRP

For further information, please review our updated article - How to Import a Vendor Price File

  • Vendor record controlled retail price calculations now also makes use of up to 11 markup tiers (instead of just 1) for calculating Retail price

For further information, please review our updated article - What is Vendor Part Pricing / How to Setup Vendor Part Pricing

QuickBooks Online - Simple Start version restriction

The QuickBooks Online Simple Start subscription does not allow Blackpurl to integrate and Vendor related documents ie Unit Invoices / Part Vendor Invoices or Vendor Returns

We have  implemented a new restriction that will prevent Dealerships that have QuickBooks Online Simple Start version from being able to process Unit Invoices, Part Vendor Invoices or Vendor Returns 

We have also introduced homepage banner that will also remind the Dealership that they need to update their QuickBooks Online subscription to a version that supports vendor bills and credits

Customer Order - Unit Deal - Trade In

We have added a tool tip   to the Trade In Agreed Value and ACV fields to provide the user with a better understanding of the difference between the two fields and what they actually represent

Just click into the relevant field and the  will generate for the user to click on to find out what the tool tip is

Printing Barcode Labels from Vendor Receiving (VR)

We have updated the printing of barcode labels from Vendor Receiving (VR) so that there is now greater control over the number of labels that the dealership wants to print for both Stock and Special Order parts

Label quantities will now default to the number of packages instead of individual items for packaged parts

What's Improved? 

  • Resolved - an issue with selecting a unit year when adding a customer owned unit or a temporary unit

  • Changed - Added validation on mapping parts from different vendors on website products

  • Resolved - an issue with the estimated labor cost shown in the CO profitability screen when viewing it from a Quotation

  • Resolved - an issue encountered when switching a CO back to being a quote and special order needs from that CO were not being removed from vendor ordering

  • Resolved - an issue where the options status on a deal was not being set to fulfilled after resolving fulfilments

  • Resolved - an issue on the tax detail report where it was not properly reporting the taxable/non taxable amounts for items from kits

  • Resolved - an issue encountered with CO deposits because we were incorrectly allowing the user to reverse a reversed checkout payment

  • Resolved - an issue filtering unit reports by make. Model, submodel fields when they contained a single quote character

  • Resolved - an intermittent issue encountered where it would not allow a financed deal to be checked out

  • Resolved - an issue which caused a discrepancy between the technician hours logged on a job and the reporting of the same hours for that job
  • Resolved - job costing issues caused by allowing the user to modify or remove clocking entries from a finalized job
  • Changed - we have now prevented Concern / Cause / Correction from being modified on finalized jobs
  • Resolved - an issue which occasionally caused the Concern to be dropped off of a service job
  • Resolved - User Interface issues in the reporting screen which were encountered when the print/export panel was also open at the same time
  • Resolved - an issue in kit management where it would not allow the user to enter a factional qty without first entering a leading zero before the decimal point
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when printing or emailing an invoice that containing over 100 service jobs
  • Resolved - an issue where the invoice preview was allowing invoiced service jobs to be included
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed a deal to be approved and invoice even if it contained uncommitted options
  • Resolved - an issue with posting consignment credit notes from a deal into the accounting package when multiple consignment units were sold on one Customer Order
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when a consignment unit was sold, that unit under the new owner was remaining flagged as being a consignment unit
  • Resolved - an issue which prevented the user from generating a Fusion report
  • Resolved - an issue in the homepage Store Summary tile where the Payments amount shown was not including all types of payments.  Previously this value was not including Payments on Account and entries from Preferred Payments
  • Resolved - an issue with the BRP GetPartsMaster API where it was failing as a result of changes made in the recently released feature for Markup Tiers
  • Released - Mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly
  • Resolved - an issue with Preferred Payments where customer credit card is charged for duplicate payment
  • Changed -  Part Vendor Invoices sent from Blackpurl to QuickBooks Online / Xero will no longer have a line for the cost variances between VI and VR.  The variance will now integrate as a separate journal entry 
  • Updated - all accounting entries sent to QuickBooks Online so that they will be able to handle currency codes.  This is getting ready for when multi-currency in Blackpurl is implemented (no ETA on multi)
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when reopening an invoice which has been manually altered and/or paid in QuickBooks Online / Xero.  The invoices will no longer be able to be reopened because they are no longer in the same state as when Blackpurl originally posted them to QuickBooks Online / Xero
  • Resolved - an issue where tax rate names were being shown on CO invoices instead of the Form Label as defined on the tax rate
  • Resolved - an issue when sending a text, all of the phone numbers were not being made available and listing for selection by the user
  • Resolved - an issue with the BRP vendor availability results as they were showing a quantity of 99999 for parts that were only available by backorder.  Now in this scenario it will show zero availability
  • Resolved - an issue which was displaying an error when switching an appointment from single day to multi day
  • Resolved - an issue where CSV exports for parts reports would drop the leading zeroes on part numbers when directly opened in Excel
  • Updated - SOM part indexing logic
  • Updated - SOM credentials requirement for changes to Heroku code base
  • Resolved - an issue encountered in AR payments where it incorrectly allowed a negative payment on account to be processed
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed a user to have a CO open in two browsers and finalize checkout on one browser and then on the other browser it still allowed a checkout payment to be added 
  • Tweaks to Preferred Payment:
  • if the integration is enabled and there are no terminals defined, the user will no longer be prevented from going to checkout.  They just won't be able to process Preferred Payments
  • the timeout period is now forced to be the 120 second maximum at all times.  Users still need to be aware that the terminal itself does not time out until 5 minutes.  If Blackpurl times out, they should manually cancel the transaction on the terminal
  • resolved issues when syncing terminals and the user was incorrectly given a success message
  • resolved issue when creating and syncing a terminal in Blackpurl and it had already been sync to Preferred Payment outside of Blackpurl.  Now Blackpurl will automatically fetch the details from Preferred Payment so that the creation of the terminal can successfully proceed