What's New?

Barcode Labels 

New System Setting to control if Prices are printed on Barcode Labels

  • We have introduced a new System Settings > Settings and Controls - Shop Settings - include prices on part labels 

  • To enable this option, simply move the toggle to on / To disable, simply move the toggle to off and the price will not print on the part labels

Special order labels now include the transaction type instead of the part location

  • Instead of printing the location, labels for Special Orders will include the transaction type ie Parts Sale / Service Job 

Part Counting Tool 

  • New option in the part count tool for merging duplicate parts 

  • The Issues to resolve tab now has a Merge all duplicates option which will merge all of the duplicates into a single counted entry

  • Importing a count file will also give you the option of Merge all duplicates 

  • For further information, please review the updated articles on Part Count Tool

Part Counting Tool - Full Inventory Count

Part Counting Tool - Random Count

Part Counting Tool - Cycle Count

BRP Integration Updated 

  • We have implemented a new BRP integration which provides the user with access to BRP articles for safety campaigns and bulletins for BRP units

The BRP lookup tool has been updated so the user can now search and view a specific article provided that they know the article number they are looking for

Please review our updated article on BRP Integration - BRP Integration

  • When viewing a unit that has been defined as a BRP unit, either on the unit page or in the unit section of a service job, the system will automatically check for any campaigns or bulletins for that unit

A new button will appear giving the user access to all campaigns/bulletins for the unit.  In the event that there are unresolved safety campaigns then this will be highlighted

Please note - in the first week after deployment we will be in the Pilot phase of certification for this integration and ask that if you have any issues, please contact Blackpurl Support with details 

Always Obey the Publish in Feeds Flag

  • We have introduced a new System Settings > Settings and Controls - Shop Settings - Always obey the Publish in Feeds flag

  • Once this setting is enabled, the Unit Record and Parts Record, Publish in Feeds flag will be obey

What's Improved?

  • Resolved - an issue encountered when checking out a deal caused by a second commit of options not properly setting the status of the deal options to an unfulfilled status
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when working with a Customer Order special order need and its related Vendor Order in separate tabs and changing the Customer Order back to being a Quote
  • Resolved - image compression issue for documents  added to a Customer Order
  • Implemented - additional checks and validations to prevent broken links to parts on Customer Orders
  • Updated - the AR Payments process will now allow unapplied payments to be used as well as unapplied credits
  • Resolved - an issue where a linked fee for the parts section of a Customer Order was not visible until after the page was refreshed
  • Updated - the failure notification email contents for DMS Info, Get parts master and Part inventory to provide clearer information to provide better clarity on the cause ie: BRP or Blackpurl
  • Updated - additional report CSV export update to ensure that leading zeroes are not dropped off part numbers when the CSV is opened in Excel
  • Updated - the customer syncing script to also sync providers
  • Resolved - an issue encountered when doing the initial import of customers/vendors from QB where name matching was too case sensitive which lead to duplicate customers being created
  • Resolved - a tax rounding issue in the Xero integration
  • Resolved - an issue where the users focus was not placed on the qty when adding items to a vendor return
  • Resolved - user interfacing colour issue on the part record page
  • Resolved - user interfacing issue on the cash reconciliation screen when viewed on a mobile device
  • Resolved - user Interfacing issue in the cash reconciliation screen related to the positioning of the mini calendar
  • Resolved - minor user interfacing issues in the technician leave time screen
  • Released - mapped forms for specific Dealerships.  The relevant Dealerships will be notified directly
  • Released - mapped forms for specific USA states for use in our forms repository
  • Resolves - an issue where a unit disappears from service jobs when a customer is having a single unit
  • Resolved - an issue where CO’s that are in quotation status shown in Parts Needed report
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed the user to finalize a service job containing WIP labor without the job having a labor line item.  Now logging time on a completed job will reset job status to In Progress
  • Resolved - an issue which caused a Required temporary unit to be left behind and unrelated to a customer when it was replaced with a stock unit
  • Resolved - an issue which occasionally caused a deposit from Shopify to not be synced the the accounting
  • Resolved - an issue which allowed non numeric characters to be entered into the Pulled Qty field in the picklist section of a CO
  • Resolved - an issue which caused an on order part to not appear in the Special Order Summary report
  • Resolved - UI styling issues in the task management screen
  • Resolved - an issue in Unit pricing & Options which was only encountered when there was a very large number of sub models.  Implemented lazy load and a search filter option in the sub models listing
  • Resolved - minor UI alignment issues in CO
  • Resolved - scrolling issue when selecting a cash drawer
  • Resolved - UI alignment issue with loading icon
  • Resolved - an issue creating a customer unit from a service job where the users focus was not placed in the VIN field
  • Resolved - an issue where CO was not loading having a large number of clocking entries and exceeding more than 200 records if we combine them with line items.
  • Resolved - an issue where the user is trying to remove sell unit for a Trade in only Customer Order