What's new? 

Pause Job Clocking 

This action will now provide the technicians with the ability to pause their Job Clocking sessions without actually job clocking off the job 

The amount of paused time will be taken into consideration when setting the actually hours logged on a job and the accounting entries related to them

All technician hour reporting will now also include paused time

The availability of this feature is controlled by a new toggle in Settings & Controls > Shop Settings called 'Allow pause of job clocking' and by default this feature will not be enabled 

For further information please review our article - System Settings > Settings and Controls under Shop Settings - Allow pause of job clocking

Customer Record - Invoice History update

On the Customer Record - Invoice History section it will now have the Print / Email actions available 

Simply navigate to the relevant Customer Record and Invoice History section and you can now see the option of Print or Email

Make/Model/Submodel User Permission control

A new permission control has been implemented so that users can be restricted from creating Makes / Models / Submodels “on the fly”

We have introduced this restriction as some of our Dealerships have noticed that their users are not bothering to check if the Make / Model / Submodel actually exists before just creating a new one 

For these Dealerships that are having this issue, they can now restrict users as required 

This new permission can be found in the Create / Modify permission grouping and it will be enabled for all users by default

For further information, please review our article - Current User Permissions

Parts Vendor Orders - Ability to edit costs 

The cost value on unsubmitted Vendor Orders can now be edited by the user

The cost will automatically load as per the cost from the Part Record BUT dealerships can now update the cost on the line items of the Vendor Order (if required) 

The cost field is now open and available to be changed 

Please also be aware that the cost variance warning will issue based on the settings of your Blackpurl

For further information please review to our article under the section Cost Variance Warning - Part Cost Control Feature


Vendor Order - Export format - MFG# 

The Manufacturer Part number field from a Part Record can now be included as a column in VO export formats

For further information, please review our article - Vendor Order Export Formats

Disabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on a User

MFA is now a mandatory requirement so Dealerships will not be able to disable this functionality 

This means that once MFA has been enabled on a User, the ability to disable MFA for that User has been removed 

For example - on the below example, Amanda has had MFA enabled so she will no longer be able to disable that functionality

Kenect Integration - SMS Texting (USA and Canada only)

All beta testing has been finalised and our integration with Kenect is now complete

If you wish to sign up for Kenect Integration, please review our article - How to Send and Receive Text Messages (SMS) through Blackpurl

Please note that this service is only available for our USA and Canadian Dealerships

What's Improved? 

Updated - the Invoice Summary report so that part, labor and sublet deal options are no longer listed in their own columns and instead are included in the Unit Total column.  Prior to this when both a deal and deal service were included in the report the part, labor, sublet column values would appear for both invoices which in effect would cause a double up in the reporting 
Resolved - an issue encountered in a specific scenario where the Unit ID field would get changed to SF record identifier
Resolved - an issue which caused fee line items to lose their price when the line items are moved
Resolved - an issue which prevent all defined tax rates from being listed in the Assign tax rates screen
Resolved - an issue where the last modified dates on service jobs were incorrectly updated when a new release was deployed
Resolved - an issue which caused it to take too long to load the Create Customer modal window
Resolved - an intermittent issue which caused a customer record to appear twice in the global search results
Resolved - an accounting sync issue caused when the user tried to finalize a vendor credit that had a negative total.  Now vendor credits such as this will generate a vendor bill in accounting
Resolved - an issue which caused an exact match to not always appear as the first result when there were multiple part records containing the same exact match
Resolved - an intermittent issue which cause an error to occur when selecting columns to add to a report
Resolved - an issue which caused vendor credits to not appear on the tax detail report
Resolved - an issue which caused the Deal Option Clearing GL to be used properly when reopening and subsequently re-invoicing a deal invoice.

Updated - Adjusted the org reconciliation tracking to properly handle the Deductible Clearing GL when it is an asset account
Updated - Added a new value to vendor returns to record the “Credits Pending” and use this new value in our org reconciliation tracking for AP inventory accrual
Updated - Created a batch class to deleted sync log records related to ElasticSearch which is no longer used

Resolved - an issue where email notification was not sent in case of vendor invoice variance JE failed

Resolved - an issue where the last modified date is corrected for internal comments on customer order

Resolved - an error while click on Other Tasks for job clocking

Resolved - a scenario where vendor return invoice is not synced when non taxable fee is added in Vendor Return CR and its negative

Updated - memo description for both COIP and CODN journal entries
Resolved - an issue while selecting file for price File Import Tool