This article will explain how to create a Vendor Order for a Customer Special Order (Parts and Sublets)

A Special Order is when a Customer requires a specific item that will be ordered specifically for them

For example - the Dealership has no stock of Part No. ABC but the Customer wants the Dealership to order it specifically for them

This article goes through the Vendor Ordering aspect of the process


The Dealership has processed a Customer Order for the specific Part and/or Sublet that the Customer is required and the Dealership is to order the part and/or Sublet for them specifically

  1. From the Blackpurl Header > Click User-added image >



  1. The Select a Vendor window, will allow you to search for the relevant vendor

User-added image
As you type your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match

In our example, we are looking for the Vendor The Widget Factory and we start typing widget as the keyword > click on your Vendor name to select

User-added image

To create a new Vendor > Click on  and follow the prompts to setup your new Vendor

After selecting your Vendor, the system will:
  • indicate if there are any OPEN or LOCKED Vendor Orders for the same Vendor and the user can select to  one of these VO or the user can choose to

  • if there are no OPEN or LOCKED Vendor Orders for this Vendor, Blackpurl will automatically open a Vendor Order screen with the relevant Vendor's information 

  1. Let's have a quick rundown on the Vendor Order screen:

User-added image


A.The Vendor Order Number will automatically generate by Blackpurl
B.This is where you can delete an open Vendor Order if the conditions are right, ie. there are no line items
C.Vendor Details - these details come from the Vendor Record
D.Search to Add - where you can search for more parts to add to the Vendor Order
Order Type / Status of the Order / if the Order is Locked
F.Expected Date - the default will be the lead time indicated on the Vendor Record but the user can change this expected date as required.  For special order items, it is the date that is reflected on the Customer Order as the expected date
G.Notes area - for adding free text to print out on the Vendor Order. For further information, please review our article - Introducing - Notes section on a Vendor Order
H.Click on   and you will be able to Printed / Emailed / Exported the VO.  For further information, please review our article - Print / Email / Export / Import - Vendor Orders
I. Once you have selected what parts you want to order on this Vendor Order from the parts list for Customer Special Orders, click on to add the items selected to the VO
J.If you click on , it will take you to D. to search for additional parts to add to the VO
K.Click on to order a part from this Vendor but the part is actually linked to another Vendor. This will not only allow you to order parts for stock from a different Vendor but also any Customer Special Order parts. It will take you to D. to search for additional parts to add to this VO
L.List all the parts required for Customer Special Orders
M. Running total as to how much this Vendor Order is worth 
  1. Remember you don’t have to order everything - work your way through the Required for Customer line items (this is a list of all items required to satisfy Customer Special Orders) but only select those items you want to order right now.
          In our example, all we want to order from this Vendor is the Widget that Customer: Cathy Price has special 
Find the relevant line item and click on the requirement indicator - it will turn green User-added image.  

User-added image

Once you have checked all your line items you want to add to this VO, click  User-added image

  • If there are other customer orders that have the same items required, the system will give you the option to:
  1. ADD ALL REQUIRED FOR THIS ITEM - by selecting this option, the system will order however many items the system needs to satisfy ALL customer orders 
  2. ADD THIS ITEM ONLY - the system will only order enough items to satisfy THIS customer order only
  • Please also take notice if part line items have a notification of supersession

  1. All selected items to be included on this Vendor Order, will now be listing in the B Order > Items section.

               User-added image

***Please note that if you need parts for stock from this Vendor, just simply add them to this VO by clicking on User-added image
This will take you to the User-added image for you to search for the parts you need for stock so that you can add them to this VO too.  

  1. Review and to Finalize the Order > Click on SUBMIT ORDER

            User-added image

  1. The user will then submit the order to the Vendor by their usual method ie email/fax/phone/export etc.

When the parts are received – Review our article – How to Receipt / Receive Parts into your Inventory (including Sublets) 

To run a search that will report on the status of Customer Order with Special Orders, please review our article - Reporting - Special Order Summary