This article will go through the functionality of Print / Email / Export / Import- Vendor Orders 

Where on a Vendor Order are these functionalities 

On the Vendor Order screen, there is the option to Print / Email / Export / Import the Vendor Order as per the selection of icons available - User-added image

User-added image

User-added imageWhen you click on the Print icon, the Print window will pop up for you to view the Vendor Order and 

 then print

User-added image When you click on the Email icon, the Email Order to window will pop up

You can either email your Vendor Order to the email address that is on the Vendor Record or type in a new email address

User-added image When you click on the Export icon, the Export Order window will pop up. Click on User-added imageand select the file

format you require the export file to be

Once the file has been exported out of Blackpurl, it is up to you to do whatever is required with the file
User-added image

User-added imageWhen you click on the Import icon, the Import Order window will pop up

It will allow you to select the file format of the file you wish to import

For further information, please review our article - Importing a Picklist File into Blackpurl (PartSmart / SnapOn / Generic) and see the section - Option 1 - Directly into a Vendor Order

If the file you are importing has many parts listing, it may take a little time to import

Once you have imported the file, we suggest that you review the parts listing and quantity before submitting the VO

 After Printing VO or Emailing VO or Exporting VO or Importing Data, the user will still need to click on Submit Order to finalize the VO process

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