This article will go through how to print an Offer to Purchase (Unit Contract) or a Bill of Sale from a Customer Order 

How to Print / Email an Offer to Purchase or Bill of Sale


  1. From a Customer Order for Unit Deal > click

 User-added image

  1. From the What would you like to Print? window > Deal tab >  select Offer to purchase by clicking in the relevant checkbox:
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  1. Then choose either User-added image or User-added image

  • If you select than the system will generate the document as a PDF so you can print to your printer or save as a PDF file

  • If you select then the system will provide you with your email options

Send to - give you the option of emailing the email address that is attached to the Customer Record and/or type in a new email address

Reply to - if the customer is to reply, what email address do you want the reply to go to

CC - do you want a carbon copy of this email to go to another email address?

Attachments - it will indicate what will be attached to this email sent from Blackpurl
You can see in our example that we want the Offer to Purchase but this Customer Order also has other attachments saved as part of the Customer Order

You are given the option of sending these other attachments as well - just move the toggle accordingly

Message - Type in any additional / optional message, you want to send with this email

When your email is ready to go, simply click on