This article will take you through adding Deal Financing to a Customer Order > Unit Deal and also how to pay with financing

How to Add Financing to a Unit Deal

We would recommend that you setup the Customer Order > Unit Deal and then add the financing 

To add the Deal Financing to the Customer Order > Unit Deal - Click

User-added image

Then the user would need to select the relevant Finance Provider and then complete the relevant fields

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If your Finance Provider is not listing for selection, then the user will need to ensure that the relevant Vendor has been setup as a Finance Provider 

This needs to be only done once and then the Finance Provider will be available across all CO at all times

This is the link to the relevant article will show you how to set this up your Financial Providers -

How to Receive Financing Funds onto a Unit Deal

Once the Dealership knows that the finance funds have been received into their bank account, the Dealership can received the funds using the Payment Method - Financing in either the Deposit section or the Checkout section

Accounting Integration Tips

  • When these finance funds are received into the Dealership's bank account, in your accounting package you will need to allocate these funds to the General Ledger that is attached to the Payment Method - Financing 

For example, in our test environment, the General Ledger that is attached to Undeposited Finance is Undeposited funds General Ledger 


  • If the Finance Provider takes funds out as fees etc and then just pays the Dealership the balance of the Finance funds due, you will need to account reduction in the finance monies in your accounting package when you receive the funds into your bank account

BP Unit Deals indicates that finance is $10,000 and you receive $10,000 with the Payment Type: Financing 

However the Finance company only deposits $9,500 because the difference of $500 were for the fees that the Dealership owes the Finance company for setting up the finance

The receiving entry in your accounting package would be:

  • Debit Bank Account for the amount actually received $9,500
  • Debit a relevant Expense GL or COGS GL for the $500 
  • Credit the General Ledger that is attached to Undeposited Finance for $10,000

This is so you can account for the $500 and also clear out the undeposited funds GL for Financing