This article is Step 4A of Understanding Accounting Integration - Control Accounts > Customer Deposits

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Step 4A - Control Accounts > Customer Deposits

The purpose of this General Ledger account is to maintain the value of deposits that have been added to Customer Orders in Blackpurl

  • The deposit amounts will be 'held' in that General Ledger Account until the Customer Deposit is used to finalize a Customer Order within Blackpurl or the deposit is refunded to the Customer within Blackpurl

This General Ledger should be a clearing account, nothing more, and will show as a negative asset (which is the same as a liability) 

  • Specific General Ledger Account Type will be needed or integration will not occur:
  • QuickBooks Online  Australia / New Zealand - Account Type: Cash or equivalent- cash on hand 
  • QuickBooks Online USA / Canada - Account Type: Bank- Cash on hand 
  • Xero - Account Type: Current asset 

This is a restriction of QuickBooks / Xero that all integrated payments must be a specific Account Type

Setting up the Customer Deposit General Ledger with the above-mentioned Account Types is the only way QuickBooks Online / Xero will accept the integration transactions for Blackpurl Customer Deposits

  • For Xero, you will also need to ensure that this General Ledger account has "Enable payments to this account" ticked.

  • When receiving a Customer Deposit on a Customer Order in Blackpurl, the integrated transaction will be:

Debit - Undeposited Funds GL (based on the payment method if you have more than 1 Undeposited funds GL set up)

Credit - Customer Deposit 

The transaction will show as a CODN-********* if the amount is processed as a deposit on the Customer Order in Blackpurl

Screenshot of QuickBooks Online integrated transaction:

Screenshot of Xero integrated transaction:

  • When the Customer Deposit is used to pay for a Customer Order Invoice then the Customer Deposit GL will be a debit entry to clear out the Customer Deposit GL for that transaction 
  • The COIP or CODN identifiers in Blackpurl can be cut and pasted from the Cash Reconciliation or from the relevant Customer Order to QuickBooks Online or Xero search functionality if you are searching for the transaction in your accounting package 


Accounting transactions  to this General Ledger account should never be made directly from the accounting application other than for the purpose of entering opening balances

This account is basically a clearing/holding account for transactions from Blackpurl 

Reconciling Customer Deposit General Ledger to Blackpurl 

The amount in the Customer Deposits General Ledger account should equal the deposits held in Blackpurl

To check this you can 

  1. Run an All Customer Orders report and note the Deposit column balance - this article can assist you in running the report - Reporting - Customer Deposits  OR from the Blackpurl Homepage, the amount indicated as Deposits 
  2. Then compare the Customer Deposit total from Blackpurl to your Customer Deposit General Ledger in your accounting package - taking into consideration any manual entries you may have made in your accounting package