This article is for those Dealerships that are new to Blackpurl and need a helping hand to know what they need to do right from the start 

This article is for our dealerships that have accounting integration 

Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoicing (VO / VR / VI) Process 

It is very important that you complete the VO / VR / VI process as there is a certain clearing account (BP Received Inventory Accrual) in your accounting package that need the full process of VO / VR / VI to be completed in order for the clearing account to be cleared correctly

This is the relevant article - Understanding the Vendor Ordering / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoices process (VO / VR / VI) / What can go wrong

Customer Deposit General Ledger 

This is a true clearing account that should only contain transactions that have integrated from Blackpurl 

At any time the Customer Deposit General Ledger in your accounting package should match the Customer Deposit listing in Blackpurl.  This article will explain further - Balancing out Customer Deposits 

Please do not add any manual entries directly in your accounting package against your Customer Deposit General Ledger 

Please do not modify and / or delete any transactions that have integrated from Blackpurl

Undeposited Funds General Ledger (also known as Payment Waiting Deposit General Ledger)  

This is also a clearing account and this General Ledger will list those payments received on Blackpurl Customer Orders that you are waiting to see in Bank Account General Ledger 

This is because QuickBooks Online and Xero will not allow Blackpurl to integrate the funds received from customers directly into the Bank Account General Ledger

Once you see the relevant deposits in your bank account feed / bank account statement, then you need to allocate the deposit from the Bank account feed to the Undeposited Funds General Ledger (aka Payments Waiting Deposit General Ledger)

 For further information please review our article - Undeposited Funds General Ledger - Blackpurl and Accounting Package (Xero and QuickBooks)

Blackpurl specific General Ledgers / Clearing Accounts in your Accounting Package 

Your Activation Specialist would have added a few General Ledgers into your Accounting Package that are Blackpurl specific and/ or clearing account

Clearing Accounts

These General Ledgers are exactly that Clearing Accounts.  This means that Blackpurl needs these General Ledgers for a reason and that Blackpurl will look after ALL entries that go in and out of that General Ledger

Dealership should never manual post items in any of the Clearing Accounts

Dealership should never delete or modify any transactions in any of the Clearing Accounts 

The Clearing accounts we are referring to are any Accounting Integration > Control Account 

This article explains about Control Accounts - Step 4 Overview - Understanding Accounting Integration - Control Accounts

Blackpurl Specific General Ledger

These General Accounts were specifically setup for Blackpurl ie Inventory 

The Unit Inventory and Part Inventory should only have the Opening Balance (see above information on Opening Balances) and entries from Blackpurl 

If you add additional transaction in these General Ledger, they will never balance out to your Blackpurl 

What Happens if any Blackpurl Transaction fails to integrate to QuickBooks Online or Xero

There are several reasons why a Blackpurl transaction may fail to integrate over to your Accounting Package ie connect dropped / duplicate document numbers etc

Please be assured that Blackpurl has processes in play to ensure that any Blackpurl transactions that fail to integrate will flagged as sync failure and is reviewed by our Blackpurl Development Team on an urgent priority