This article will explain what the Vendor Order / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoice process is

It is very important that users understand the Vendor Ordering / Vendor Receiving / Vendor Invoices process or the VO / VR / VI process as this will maximize the control the dealership will have on the inventory and  keep a close eye on Sublets

Sublets will also need to go through the full VO / VR / VI process 

It will also provide an understanding as to why the full process needs to be completed especially if you have accounting integration

Did you know you can actually do the Vendor Receiving and Vendor Invoice together?  Review this article for more information - Completing the Vendor Receiving and Vendor Invoicing together

Vendor Ordering (VO) 

  • This is the first step in the VO / VR / VI process

  • This is another name for a purchase order

  • This is to record what you are actually ordering from your Vendor and who it actually is for ie for stock or a special order Customer Order or Sublet

  • To process a VO from the Blackpurl Header > Order > VO - Parts & Sublet

  • To know what Vendor Orders you need to create and submit, you would use Parts Needed Report

 For further information on this report, this is the link to the relevant article - Reporting - Parts Needed Report

  • It should be noted that a VO will not produce a transaction that will integrate into your accounting package

Vendor Receiving (VR)

  • This is the second step in the VO / VR / VI process 

  • If you have placed a Vendor Order, it is very important that any VR is allocated against the relevant VO

    Otherwise, you will have unfulfilled Vendor Orders sitting in the system when that really isn't the case

  • To process a VR, from the Blackpurl Header > Order > VR Receiving 

  • It is important that all your VR are processed within a reasonable time, to keep customers that are waiting for the stock happy, stock on your shelves, and keep the right information in Blackpurl ie Part Record

Sublets Receivings are done in the same way - What is a Sublet / How to Setup a Sublet

  • It is also important that you keep track of your VR and make sure that all VR are finalized by the Commit Receivings action

    It is only after the Commit Receiving action is completed will the parts show up in stock

    This article will assist you in keeping track of your VRs - Reporting - Active Receivings

  • It should be noted that once the VR is finalized a transactional journal will be integrated to your accounting package
    • It will DEBIT the relevant Inventory General Ledger and CREDIT the accounting integration General Ledger for A/P Inventory Accrual waiting for the Vendor Invoice to be processed

  • This is why it is important to finalise the VO / VR / VI process as the A/P Inventory Accrual General Ledger is a clearing account and it needs the VI to clear the entries out

Vendor Invoice (VI)

  • The last step in the VO / VR / VI process

  • This is where you process and finalize the VI 

  • To process a VI, from the Blackpurl Header > Order > VI - Invoice reconcile

  • It should be noted that once the action of FINALIZED INVOICE is completed, a transactional journal will be integrated into your accounting package
    • DEBIT - A/P Inventory Accrual General Ledger (clearing out the entry from the VR)
    • CREDIT - the relevant Accounts Payable Vendor as a document for you to pay

What could go wrong

  • If you have under received ie you have processed a Vendor Receiving for a quantity of 10 but you actually received a quantity of 20

Just do another Vendor Receiving for the additional 10 received 

Then follow through with the Vendor Invoice making sure you received both Vendor Receivings 

  • If you have over received ie you have processed a Vendor Receiving for 20 but you only received 15 

You will need to continue with the VO / VR / VI process and finalize the VI for the incorrect Vendor Receiving

Then you will need to do a Vendor Return for the wrong quantity received - How to Create a Vendor Return for Parts and How to Report on Vendor Returns

In your accounting package, you would offset your Vendor Return Credit Note against the Vendor Invoice (that was wrong).  The difference should be what the actual Vendor Invoice was for in the first place

  • If your Vendor Invoice in Blackpurl does not match the hard copy Vendor Invoice 

This would depend on why it doesn't match 

Did you type in the wrong cost on one of the line items on the Vendor Invoice?

  • You can do a Vendor Return for just that line item that is wrong and then process a VR / VI for the line item again with the correct cost

Did you forget to add the freight component?

  • Just process another Vendor Invoice for just the freight and then in your accounting, you will need to match up the freight Vendor Invoice to the original Vendor Invoice to get the same amount to what the Vendor actually sent you

Things to remember if you have Accounting Integration

  • BP Support will be unable to reopen a Vendor Receiving and / or a Vendor Invoice 

This is because there are quite a few journal / transaction entries together with First In / First Out (FIFO) entries on the relevant Part Records that have also integrated over to your accounting package 

  • We would suggest if you make a mistake, make sure you keep your bookkeeper in the loop on what was done and how you fixed it

  • Both Xero and QuickBooks Online will not allow duplicate Vendor Invoice numbering

If you are doing a fix-up and want to use the same Vendor Invoice for traceability, try using an A or B at the end of the Vendor Invoice or Return

For example:

  • I processed a Vendor Invoice as 12356 / I subsequently needed to do a Vendor Return which needs to be matched against that Vendor Invoice so I would process the Vendor Return as 12356A or 12356REF

  • I processed a Vendor Invoice as 258258 but I forgot to process the freight on it as well / I subsequently process another Vendor Invoice for just the freight and I want it to match with the original Invoice so I would process it as 258258A