The purpose of this Service Agreement is to outline key details of the Blackpurl platform and service offerings. This guide is broken down into four (4) sections below: Blackpurl Activations, Blackpurl Customer Success, Blackpurl Support and the Integrations we can provide 

Blackpurl Activations

Blackpurl Activation is the team that will be guiding you through your Blackpurl onboarding process 


  • You, Your = The dealership/owner/client/business purchasing Blackpurl

  • Business = The dealership/owner/client/business purchasing Blackpurl

  • Users/username - full paid licenses per instance of Blackpurl as per your agreement. Paid users can access all or some of Blackpurl's features based on their permission settings. See our pricing page for details 

  • Technicians/Techs - paid slots for technicians to track time with. This is a separate level of access from the username, which is used to log into Blackpurl. Once logged into Blackpurl via a username, a real-life technician may clock onto jobs and use other time clocking functionality with the technician slot. A person whose role is a technician may be given a full username, or they may log into Blackpurl via a shared technician portal username. See our pricing page for details

Getting Started

  • Once you sign up for Blackpurl using the check-out link or e-sign the agreement, your Blackpurl account is created. This usually takes 1-2 business days. NB May be longer if signed on a Friday

  • Upon creation of the account, an activation guide will be assigned, who will send your designated project lead the following:

    • The link to the Blackpurl Activation Project, hosted by, along with information on how to work through the project with your activation guide's assistance

    • Log-in details

    • Email verification

    • A request to set up a 30 minute meeting, via google meet, to discuss the activation plan and set a launch date

  • You would then work through the project until completion

  • As you work through you launch tasks your activation guide will respond to any chatter/questions you generate in the project using the chatter function or change in status to stuck in the project board by replying to your chatter or creating a chatter in the project board.

  • Contact with your activation guide will in the most part be via the chatter function in the project or via email. If there is a need to have verbal contact the preferred method is google meet as it enables screen sharing and dial in options. This would need to booked for a mutually suitable time.

Activation Time Frame

  • The time frame set for a standard activation is usually 4 weeks. An activation guide will be assigned for your 4-week activation period. There will be a series of tasks that will need to be completed by the business, in order to complete a free activation

  • Most of our customers complete their activation within that time frame. However, if you need to extend your launch time frame, an extended activation is available for purchase

  • On completion of your project, you will have access to the project for another 60 days before the project is archived. This access is strictly for reference/resources as the activation guide will no longer be available for any chatter/questions

Your Data 

A formatted Data collection template is supplied in the project. Your data will need to be supplied in this format for import. Data can include:

  • Customers

  • Vendors

  • Customer owned units

  • Stock Units

  • On-order units

  • Consignment units

  • Parts inventory

  • Make/Model/Sub-models of the units you sell

  • Factory options for units

  • Labor/Labour codes

  • Fees

  • Data will be reviewed for accuracy and format only before import. Upon review, if the data is not suitable for import, your activation guide will alert you so that you can make the necessary changes before re-submission. To learn more about purchasing Blackpurl’s data cleanup services, please inquire with your account rep or activation guide (this service may not be available in all cases)

  • Parts Inventory data can be imported using your average or actual costs per item to match any existing accounting balances or opening balances. We do not suggest you bring in your parts inventory based on imported price files as this may skew your opening balances. Blackpurl will not be responsible for inventory valuation variances

  • Price files/parts catalogs may be used to import part records and pricing. You can load these manually, or you can supply them in CSV or Excel format to Blackpurl via your activation project. Blackpurl cannot supply/import any price files unless the Dealership/Business is entitled to them. The upkeep and accuracy of these price files/catalogs is the sole responsibility of Dealership/Business. If needed, Blackpurl may be able to offer a data cleanup services for purchase

  • You will be responsible for adding all Work In Progress (open sales, parts, and service orders). Blackpurl does not import these records

Blackpurl does not import any historical data with an exception of Customer-owned Units. No service history for these units is imported

Accounting Integration

  • GL’s = General Ledger Accounts

  • COA’s = Chart of Accounts

  • QBO = QuickBooks Online


If you have QuickBooks Online or Xero as your accounting system, Blackpurl can activate the accounting integration as a part of the activation project 

  • Blackpurl accounting integration requires a 1:1 ratio of Blackpurl instance to accounting system instance. At this time, it is not possible to link multiple accounting packages to 1 instance of Blackpurl and we cannot link multiple instances of Blackpurl to 1 accounting package

Important note: if you have multi-locations, an assessment will be needed to ensure a 1:1 ratio of Blackpurl and accounting package before activation begins

  • Blackpurl integrates with the following QuickBooks Online plans: Essentials, Plus, and Advanced - Blackpurl does not integrate with the Simple Start plan

  • You are responsible for importing the supplied Blackpurl additional General Ledger accounts into your accounting package as these are required for integration. These must be imported exactly as provided, from your activation project. If these General Ledgers are not available in your accounting package (ie you have not imported them) then the integration cannot be completed

  • If you choose to integrate accounting at a later date i.e. after the 4-week activation period is completed, you are welcome to purchase the Post-Launch Accounting Integration service, with timing subject to launch slot availability  

  •  As part of the accounting integration Opening Balances will be supplied at launch for Stock Unit inventory, Parts inventory etc and if in use - work in progress (WIP) that has been loaded, any deposits or received inventory.  The above figures given as Opening Balances will be based on the data that you have provided to us and what has been imported into Blackpurl

Important note: It is your sole responsibility to load the opening balances to your accounting package on your launch date to ensure Blackpurl and your accounting package are aligned and balanced

Please note that failure to load the opening balances may cause major issues with your accounting accuracy in the future. Blackpurl is not responsible for any issues that arise due to opening balances not being loaded and/or adjusted by you

Your dealership will be responsible for also loading any other opening balances into your accounting package which are being carried over from your old system

Blackpurl Training

  • Blackpurl offers free online training at the Blackpurl Academy via Udemy. You can access the training via this link and then enroll in the courses

  • Some specific training topics are covered in the activation project

  • Training webinars are held regularly, with past webinars recorded for future reference

  • Your Customer Success Manager (see the section below regarding our Blackpurl Customer Success team) is available for advice, planning, and strategic help. For deep training needs, please ask your Customer Success Manager about purchasing custom training

  • While Blackpurl offers training and reference resources on the Blackpurl accounting integration, training for the operation of QuickBooks Online and Xero are provided by those organizations

Launching your Blackpurl

  • A launch will be booked at the 30 minute kick off meeting at the beginning of your Activation project or if you have a preferred date you would like to request, you can notify your activation guide

  • You can book a guaranteed launch date. This will secure your spot in the launch queue. This is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and once booked, the date is locked in

  • If you are not able to launch Blackpurl on the scheduled launch date due to various reasons (eg. your data has not been submitted on time), you may re-book your launch on an exception basis. We suggest that you pick your launch date carefully and speak to your activation guide for advice

Blackpurl Customer Success 

Blackpurl Customer Success is the team that will assist you in achieving your goals and helping you get the most out of our products/services throughout your Blackpurl journey 

A Customer Success Manager will be appointed to your dealership as your "go to" for advice, planning, and strategic help ie custom training / new licences etc

Please note that our Customer Success Team will be unable to assist your dealership with support questions ie technical difficulties etc.  Support questions will need to go directly to Blackpurl Support (see below regarding our Blackpurl Support team)

Blackpurl Support

Blackpurl Support is the team that will assist you with any support questions ie technical difficulties, questions, help with how to do something in Blackpurl etc 

This is a brief summary of what Blackpurl Support is all about - for full and comprehensive information on Blackpurl Support, please refer to this article - Blackpurl Support 


  • Blackpurl Support is a resource that is available to Blackpurl Dealerships and their licensed users that will assist them in the using of Blackpurl as it has been designed

  • Our Blackpurl Support team members will endeavor to provide you with clear and concise answers to your support questions/queries but there will be times when we will need clarification on what you are asking (providing screen shots to explain what you are asking, are very beneficial)

  • In some instances, Blackpurl Support may be unable to resolve your issue straight away (ie an issue may need to be escalated through to our Blackpurl Support Development team) but Blackpurl Support will ensure that you are advised what is happening with your support case

Support can be accessed by

  • Online 24/7 by providing access to our knowledge base articles for our licensed users

  • Chat during the normal business hours of your time zone - Monday to Friday only (Public Holidays may be the exception)

  • Email Support ( and provide full details of the issue including screenshots.  We endeavour to reply with an answer within a 24 hour period (Public Holidays and weekends will be the exception)

  • Premium Phone Support (paid service) is available during the normal business hours of your time zone - Monday to Friday only (Public Holidays may be the exception)

What is not considered to be a support issue

The following are not considered to be a Blackpurl Support issue (for further context, please refer to “What is not considered to be a support issue” in this article):

  • Training

  • Activations

  • Accounting Support (Xero or QBO Support)

  • Shopify Support 

  • Product Feedback / Suggestions


Blackpurl has numerous integration partners, such as DP360 CRM, Shopify, 3rd party website providers, and Preferred Payments for payment processing. Please review our current integration partners at our website - Blackpurl Integration Partners


For full details of DP360 integration, please review our article - Dealership Performance 360CRM (DP360) Integration 

In summary:

  • Dealerships will need to sign up with DP360 CRM and notify Blackpurl to turn on the integration

  • If the Dealership already has a DP360 account they will need to notify DP360 of their intention to integrate with Blackpurl so DP360 can make it ready for integration

  • Present Integration Capabilities:

    • Once Blackpurl has connected the integration with DP360, they will sync all available units (including on-order units) over to DP360.  Please note that Customer records are NOT integrated or synced to DP360

    • If any changes are made to the Unit Records in Blackpurl, DP360 will also be updated in real-time. This includes changes made to Make / Model / Sub Model, the Unit Notes field, and Suggested Price

    • When a DP360 lead becomes a sale, the salesperson will need to create the relevant Customer Order for a Unit Deal in Blackpurl by integrating the information from DP360 over to Blackpurl

    • When a Unit has been invoiced in Blackpurl on a Customer Order > Unit Deal - that Unit will then show in DP360 as inactive

Ecommerce Store (ie Shopify) 

We provide a very simple way to connect Blackpurl to your ecommerce store (ie Shopify). To see full details of our integration with e-commerce store, please review our article - Overview - Blackpurl Website Management tool/ Shopify videos

Dealership will be responsible for: 

  • Setting up and maintaining your own Shopify store (including Shopify training)

  • Installing the Super Connector App (Blackpurl provides the instructions on how to do this).  This is how Shopify connects to Blackpurl and needs to be done only once

  • Maintaining your own product list using Blackpurl’s Website Products Management system.  This is how the Dealership can map/link products in Blackpurl to your Product list in Shopify

  • Maintaining the sales made in Shopify once integrated to Blackpurl 

Blackpurl will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining the integration and making sure all sales made in Shopify integrate to Blackpurl in real-time

  • Ensuring that product changes made by the Dealership in Blackpurl are integrated back to Shopify

Blackpurl does not support and/or recommend any specific bolt-on apps to Shopify

Important note:

The setup of your Shopify integration is very important and will need to be discussed at length with your Blackpurl account executive or Customer Success Manager. There could be many variables involved (i.e. whether you are starting on your e-commerce store from scratch or you already have an existing store and will need additional assistance to link your products). If you have a large volume of Shopify products that need to be linked to Blackpurl, you may want to purchase our Shopify Data Service


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) / Data Feeds

For full details of FTP / Data Feeds, please review our article - FTP / Data Feeds

In summary:

  • Blackpurl can be set up to regularly push out requested data (eg. available units) to a 3rd party application or file server

  • The 3rd party application can then use the data feed to upload to your online store or website

  • Dealership is responsible for completing all relevant Blackpurl forms and submitting them to Blackpurl so that setup can be completed (See our knowledge base article for more detail)

  • Full details will need to be provided to Blackpurl as to what data is required and also the credentials of your 3rd party application

  • The FTP can be scheduled to run at specific times every day. We suggest once at midnight every night

  • We are NOT currently able to send images 

Preferred Payments (Payment Processing)

For full details of Preferred Payments Integration, please review our article - Preferred Payments Integration - Setup / How to use Preferred Payments on a Customer Order 

Preferred Payments is the third-party partner Blackpurl uses for credit card processing integration in USA and Canada

  • The Dealership will be responsible for signing up with Preferred Payments and upon receipt of the application from the Dealership, Preferred Payments will contact Blackpurl with the Dealership's API credentials and also dispatch the terminal/s to the Dealership

  • Once the Dealership has received their terminal/s onsite, the Dealership will need to connect the terminal/s to their network with the instructions supplied by Preferred Payments
  • After connecting the terminal/s, the Dealership will need to contact the Support team by email or chat bubble and provide the following information:
  • Dealership Name

  • Contact Person

  • 6 character code displayed on the terminal screen

  • Name to be assigned to the terminal ie; Parts terminal or Service terminal etc

  • Blackpurl Support will finalize the integration and advise when complete

Important Note: If the Dealership has an Accounting Integration, they will be required to add the relevant Undeposited Funds General Ledger to the Payment Type: Preferred Payment

BRP Integration for Certified BRP Dealers

For full details of BRP Integration, please review our article - BRP Integration

  • Dealership will need to provide us with your BRP Dealer number, your BRP Username and Password.

  • Dealership will need to sign the relevant BRP Consent form to allow Blackpurl to provide data to BRP.

  • Blackpurl provides the following:

    • Parts Ordering (Dealership would need to provide BossWeb username and password details)

    • Sending data to the Service History API / Retail transactional data ie sales 

    • DMS info as requested by BRP

    • The ability for Dealer Lookup / BRP Article Lookup / PO Status / BRP Product Availability Lookup 

    • BRP Parts Master (nightly price file updates)

    • Vehicle Identification verification