This article will assist those Dealerships that have been with Blackpurl for a couple of weeks and need guidance on Reporting 

Blackpurl Reporting 
Blackpurl is a little bit different as we are not going to provide you with an endless list of reports - some you will never need and / or even use

There are two options - use our common search reports (templates) or just create your own reports 

These articles will provide you with a rundown on Blackpurl Reports:

Reporting - Where are the Reports?

Reporting Tips - Totals / Changing Columns / Changing Parameters / Exporting Search Results

Common Search Reports 

We do provide you with a list of reports and each of those reports, have an article you can read and go through

To access the Knowledge Base - simply click on from the Blackpurl Header


Manager Reports 

You should also be encouraging your Managers to start using the reports and we have provided you with our recommendations of where to start:

Recommended Reports for Parts Manager

Recommended Reports for Service Manager

Recommended Reports for Unit Sales Manager

The biggest piece of advice we can give, is to spend time going through the reports, learning how to use them and  working out what you want to see