This article is Step 4P of Understanding Accounting Integration - Control Accounts > Payment Method Surcharges 

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Step 4P - Control Accounts - Payment Method Surcharges 

If the Dealership has the intention of charging a surcharge based on the Payment Method used on a Customer Order, then the Dealership will need to allocate where the income from the surcharge is to show in their accounting package 

The Dealership can setup their Blackpurl that each time a Customer pays by Payment Method -  Visa / Mastercard / Amex / Discovery / Preferred Payments, the customer will automatically be charged the relevant surcharge and show in the relevant Checkout of a Customer Order 

When the Customer Order is finalised the General Ledger indicated in this field, will be where the surcharge integrates over to the accounting package 

This General Ledger MUST be income / revenue based 

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