What's new? 

Customer Contacts & Shipping Addresses

We have been asked by quite a few of our Dealerships about Customer Contacts and Shipping Addresses and this new feature will address these requests

  • New section on the Customer Record for Contacts and Shipping Addresses 

  • All existing Customer Records that had Contacts and Shipping Addresses, these details have been moved to this new Contacts & Shipping Addresses section

  • User can create an unlimited number of Contacts and/or Shipping Addresses for each Customer 

  • Contacts and Shipping Addresses can be assigned on Customer Orders as well as created “on the fly”

  • When creating a Customer Order, you can search for the Customer by using the Contact name 

  • When either a Contact or Shipping Address has been assigned to the CO it will be included in the customer information on the CO document 

    We have standardized the header on all CO documents ie Invoices etc to account for the additional Contact or Shipping Address 

For further information, please review our article - Customer Record - Adding in Contact and Shipping Address/es

Standardization of Customer Order Documentation

Due to the standardization of the header on all CO documents as above with the release of 2.91.0, we have had quite a few of our Dealerships provide the feedback that the rest of the formatting of the CO documents

Our product team are listening and they have made format changes to the Offer to Purchase and Bill of Sale which is part of the release of 2.91.3 

Thank you for your feedback

Vendor Contacts and Shipping Addresses

  • New section on the Vendor Record for Contact and Shipping Addresses which will allow you to add Contacts and Shipping Addresses

    Vendor Record example below:

Customer Order > Service Jobs - No unit service jobs

Our dealerships have asked us for the ability to process a Service Job without having to select a Customer Owned Unit  

A typical example would be that a technician would need to job clock onto a Service Job to fix a tyre but there is no unit as such 

This new feature will allow a Customer Order > Service Job to be created and completed without having to create a unit specific to the customer

In the unit selector simply select the entry labelled “Service job without a unit”

Should your Dealership wish to use this functionality, it is controlled by a new system setting called “Allow customer service job without unit” that will need to be enabled for this feature to show and be used

For further information regarding the new System Setting > Settings & Controls, please refer to Shop Settings > Item 15 on this article - System Settings > Settings and Controls


Non-inventory Part - Ability to override the description

We have been requested to allow the overriding of description on non-inventory part records 

For non-inventory parts only, the user can now override the description when the non-inventory part is added as a line item on a Customer Order 

For further information, please review our article -  Part Record - Inventory / Non Inventory

Customer Order > Unit Deal - Auto fulfil deal unit options

We have now provided an option of a simplified workflow for Customer Order > Unit Deals where parts are typically in stock and labor does not require technician time to be recorded 

  • New Shop setting to enable this functionality called “Allow quick fulfilling of deal unit options”, disabled by default

  • New permission control to restrict which users can make use of this feature, enable for admin only by default

  • When enabled and committing options to a deal a new “Quick fulfill” action button is available.  This action will not only generate the needed Deal Merchandise or Deal Service but will also auto finalize them against the deal provided there is nothing preventing them from being finalized such as parts not available or job clocking being required

For further information, please review our article - Customer Order > Unit Deal - Quick Fulfil Deal Unit Options

Charge on Account Customer Order Invoice reprint - AR balance

Keeping in mind that when a Customer Order Invoice is closed out to Charge on Account even when it is reprinted out of Blackpurl, the Invoice will always say Charge on Account (even if it has been paid) 

Our dealerships needed a way of showing in Blackpurl that payments may have been made by the customer against the Charge on Account Invoice in the accounting package 

We have introduced that when a Charge on Account Invoice is reprinted, it will show the current Account Receivable (AR) balance of the invoice as per the accounting package 


For further information, please review our article - Payment Methods / Details of the Option of Charge on Account 

Reporting - New / Changes 

  • Part Movement Report

    The report can now be filtered by Part Number

    Simply add the new filter called Part Number / indicate the Part Number and then

    The search result will then indicate the Part Movement for that specific Part 

For further information on this report, please review our article - Reporting - Part Movement

  • Vendor Order Report 

All of the Vendor Order Reporting section can now all be scheduled

For further information on scheduling reports, please review our article - Reporting - Scheduled Reporting

  • New Active Returns Report 

We have introduced a new report specific to Vendor Returns including the balance of credits pending (still waiting for Credit Notes from the Vendor)

For further information, please review our article - Reporting - Active Returns

  • Active Unit Deals Report 

    Updated the Active Unit Deals report to provide new optional columns for Deal Option and Stock Trade Clearing values to aid in control account reconciliation

For further information, please review our article - Reporting - Active Unit Deals / Deal Units (Unit Deals with Temporary or Stocked or Consignment Units)

System Setting > New option called Support, Upgrades & Add-ons

On the System Setting dashboard, we have a new option called Support, Upgrades & Add-ons

This will give the user access to not only the Blackpurl Knowledge Base but be able to create a support ticket and submit requests for additional licenses, price files, forms, training etc 

Simply click on your request and follow the prompts 

For further information, please review our article - System Settings > Support, Upgrades and Add-Ons

SMS Update

Text message length has been increased from 255 up to 5000 characters capacity

For further information, please review our article - How to Send and Receive Text Messages (SMS) through Blackpurl

Accounting Integration - changed the name of the Sublet Category Type

We have changed the name of the Sublet category type to now be named the Vendor Product category type to make it clearer that you use this category type for sublets / warranty plans etc basically for Vendor Products (and not just sublets)

What's Improved? 

Resolved - an issue where the mileage on a customer unit was updated by a service job that had a lower mileage on it
Resolved - an issue encountered when moving a labor line from a customer pay job to a third-party job and the tax totals were not handled correctly
Resolved - an issue where profit for fees and trade-ins was not being handled properly on the invoice detail report
Removed - restriction on negative values when defining factory options
Resolved - a sorting issue in the Payroll hours report
Resolved - an issue on service job reports where the sidebar totals were incorrect for WIP Part Cost and WIP Labor Cost

Changed - A new field created in the Shopify configuration custom setting. Using this date, we will generate COs in BP. If orders from Shopify were placed prior to the Go Live date in BP, customer orders for those Shopify orders will not be created in BP
Created - a script to populate Shopify Go live date under shopify configurations
Resolved - an issue where Bill of Sale printed over 3 pages

Resolved - an part pricing issue on price file import when prices are controlled by Vendor and tax is included
Resolved - an issue where Xero connection has become disconnected on execution of midnight scripts
Created - a post install script to populate logo height/width in business profile to fix distorted logo issue in invoice prints
Resolved - an issue where a unit disappears from the internal service upon adding a line item
Resolved - an issue which caused the On Order quantity shown on the part page to not be an accurate value
Resolved - an issue which caused a VO to have a partially received status when in fact all items had been received
Changed - we are now preventing user from removing the semicolon separators on part locations when there are multiple locations
Resolved - an issue which prevented an invoice from being finalized with a March 1st date
Resolved - an issue which prevented the user from adding a tax rate to a tax code
Resolved - an issue encountered when printing a deposit receipt when the the CO contained a trade-in only deal
Resolved - an issue which showed a user name as “null” in the part count history
Resolved - an issue with return credits where the amount shown in QB was different than in BP
Resolved - an issue encountered when changing the taxable flag on an order unit
Resolved - an issue in the stock unit report where it was not retaining the optional columns that were added for a custom report
Resolved - a UI issue in the unit pricing & costs screen
Resolved - an issue which caused a committed part to not show as committed on the part page
Resolved - an issue which did not include business customer phone numbers on the CO invoice
Resolved - an issue which gave an uncommitted required part the wrong status in the part pick list section
Resolved - an issue which caused Xero to become disconnected from an org when translation syncing was turned off
Resolved - a formatting issue on the unit order printed document
Resolved - an issue which gave duplicate results when searching for parts to add to a VO or VR
Resolved - an issue which caused fractional quantities to not be included on the BOS and OTP
Resolved - an issue encountered with kits containing non-inventory parts giving the user the Force Oversold warning when it should not have
Resolved - an issue which caused a “divide by zero” sync failure 
Resolved - an issue which prevented user select totals from being saved on a custom report
Resolved - an intermittent sync failure issue encountered for Shopify CO’s when a customer record had to be created
Resolved - an issue which prevented the parts status from appearing on Deal Merchandise sections of a CO
Resolved - an issue to create Vendor Product Type Sublet
Resolved - an issue on return credits which prevented the user from scrolling through the list of parts
Corrected - the parts status on service jobs to accurately reflect the status related to non-inventory parts
Resolved - an issue which caused the Active Order tile on the homepage to give an incorrect quantity
Updated - the job worksheet document to once again have the CO number barcode in the header
Resolved - an issue which caused deal units to be listed on deal documents in a different order than they are listed on the deal itself
Resolved - a searching issue which prevented an exact part number match from being listed in the results
Resolved - an issue encountered when moving a part from one CO to another CO
Resolved - a sorting issue on the technician hours report
Resolved - an issue in the Active Sublet report which prevented the user from selecting a specific status in the job status filter
Resolved - an issue which cause a line item on a kit to not reflect the current pricing of the item
Resolved - an issue with the sort order of jobs listed in job clocking
Updated - the vital statistics tiles on the customer page
Resolved - an issue which prevented the close icon from being actionable in some of the systems modal windows

Resolved - invoice preview and print issue for Third Party Service Jobs where the provider name and address were overlapping
Resolved - The date in the file name generated through the new SOM process has been corrected
Updated - VO Export - HD Australia new format.  Provided an updated VO export format suitable for importing into the Harley-Davidson Australia order upload Interface
Updated - formatting issue for BOS/OTP prints
Updated - further tweaks for the CO documentation standardized header
Updated - Global Search - Added the part available qty sorting logic in search results. Only exact match search results are sorted by "Available qty" in descending order
Changed - QB/Xero logic that automatically triggers a resync before sending out a failure email notification. This way, the failure email will only be sent if the auto resync process is unsuccessful
Resolved - an issue where the generic unit was available to select in dropdown for trade in
Resolved - Fixed cancel action to 'include in inventory cost' under vendor invoice screen
Resolved - an issue where shopify orders were not coming through to Blackpurl when the customer's name (both individual and company names) had special characters.  These special characters are now removed when importing them to Blackpurl
Resolved - an issue where a count session processed and it contains 2 parts with the same location and different casing, it was incorrectly trying to insert two locations
Resolved - an issue where records from part reports were disappearing on changing sort order
Resolved - an accounting issue where CO invoice JE was not synced on adding down payment and financing amount while finalizing deal
Resolved  - an issue where an Invoice and a payment entry were sent to accounting in place of sales receipt entry
Resolved - tax detail report where totals were not shown on adding a content column in search results