An existing customer Jeremy Price is looking for a quote on a unit that we in stock.

Our customer is also looking to add proposed options to the quote and a trade in but remember that at the moment our customer is not committing to anything.

  1. From the Blackpurl Header - Click User-added image
User-added image
  1. To select a customer > click into the Select Customer section to open up your Search options:   
User-added image
  1. The Select an existing customer functionality will allow you to search by keywords ie surname / first name / mobile number / email address.
As you start typing your search keyword, the system will start listing the search results that match. Then click on your selection.

In our example our customer is Jeremy Price (existing customer) and we start the customer search using his surname as the keyword.  Click on your selected customer.

            User-added image

TIP:  If it is a new Customer then you would click on User-added image and the Create New Customer screen will pop up for you to complete.
  1. After selecting your customer, select what type of Customer Order:
For our example we selected SELL A UNIT and a new UNIT DEAL Section will add to the Customer Order.

User-added image
  1. As our customer is only wanting a quotation at this stage, make sure the quote toggle Set as a quote to changed to green.
User-added image
  1. It is now time to search for and add the stocked unit to the Unit Deal.
Click into Search for a stock unit and then using a keyword ie Honda or the stock number to search for the stocked unit.

Click on relevant unit to select.

User-added image
  1. The unit details have now been added to the Unit Deal. 
User-added image
Click on to open up the Edit Pricing Details window for you to add your Base unit price > then click on User-added image
User-added image
TIP: If customer is looking for a quote for another unit > click User-added imagein the Deal action section and it will add Unit 2. 
  1. Add any proposed Options & Fees that are being sold with the unit by clicking in Scan and search to add items field and searching for them.  
For example our customer may be looking to add another type of muffler to the unit and would want the dealership to do the install at the time of purchasing the unit.

User-added image
In that instance you would search for the relevant muffler and also add a labour line for install.

User-added image

** The system will advise the availability of stock at the time of processing this quotation.  The stock has not been committed to this Customer Order.

Repeat this step for each part / fee / labour that is getting quoted with the unit until all the items that you are quoting on are listing in the Options & Fees section.
  1. If customer is looking for the quote to include a trade in, Click in the Deal action section.
User-added image

The system will list any Customer Owned Units that have been recorded against the Customer's record for selection or you can add another Customer Owned Unit then click on

then you will need to complete the Trade In section
User-added image
Category - this is the Category it will be assigned when the trade in is stocked
Taxable / Applicable Tax - will the unit be Taxable and if so what is the Applicable Tax
Agreed Value - How much the Dealership has agreed to buy / trade in the unit for
Actual cash value (ACV) excluding tax - How much the Actual Cash Value is to the Dealership / how much it is actually worth
Keep in mind that Dealership can over trade / under trade or exact trade
- Over trade is when you trade the unit in for more than it is worth
- Under trade is when you trade the unit in for less than it is worth
- Exact trade when you are trading it in for what it is actually worth
Lien Payout - Does the customer have a lien (they have borrowed against it) on the unit and if so, how much.
- If you type a figure in this field, you will be then ask to indicate who the Finance Company is.
- Remember that in most situation, if there is a lien on the unit, it is the Dealership's responsibility to
discharge the lien before selling the Trade In unit on
- For further information, review our article - Introduction to Customer Order - Unit Deal Trade In with Lien Payout
Appraisal method - how has the unit being appraised?  Visual / Service
Appraisal Status - has the appraisal process been completed? Pending Appraisal / Appraisal Complete
Appraisal Notes - free text field to record any notes you want to indicate when doing the Appraisal
Appraisal by - Indicate who has done the appraisal and has come up with the figures for the Trade In

If they are looking to trade in more than 1 trade, repeat this step for each trade in unit you need to add to the Unit Deal
  1. In the Checkout section see the status of the Deal (QUOTE) and how much the Deal has been calculated for the purchase of the actual unit/s, all parts, labour and fees as well as it takes into consideration any trade ins. 
User-added image

Click on  to print an Offer to Purchase document if the customer requires a copy of the Quote.

 An important point to remember is that at the moment the Unit Deal is just a quote, there is no commitment to buy and no stock has allocated to this Unit Deal.

If the customer is now looking to buy and has accepted your quotation, please review our article - How to Process a Unit Deal Quotation into a Sale - Stocked Unit