This article is regarding the option of the Dealership having a Quick Fulfil Deal Unit Option action 

Usually when the user processing a Customer Order > Unit Deal and the options that have been added to the Unit Deal, the user will need to use the action of committing the options to the deal and follow the normal workflow process of creating a Deal Service and/or Deal Merchandise and finalizing these sections as required - once parts are in and tech time has been recorded etc 

But what if all the parts are in stock and there is no requirement to add technician time onto a Labour line - could there be a quick and easier way to finalize the Deal Unit Options?

Yes - that is where this feature Quick Fulfil Deal Unit Options comes into play

It will allow the user to create and close out the Deal Merchandise / Deal Service in one action 


  • For the Dealership to have this action available to them, the option needs to be enabled in System Setting > Settings & Controls - Allow quick fulfilling of deal unit options

For further information on this System Setting > Settings & Controls - Shop Settings, please review the article - System Settings > Settings and Controls

  • There is a User Permission that must be enabled for the User to be able to use this action and it will be only available to ADMIN User Permission Group 

How does it work and what are the requirements for the option 

  • The unit deal will be processed as normal 

  • Status: In Progress and the Options are yet to be committed 

  • All parts that have been added to the Options & Fees section and you will note that they are all in Stock

  • Labour is not required to have technician time logged 

If all the requirements have been satisfied and the User clicks on then the User will have a new option available to them -

When the User clicks on this option, verification checks are done

Once the verification checks are complete, Blackpurl will automatically create and close out the Deal Service and/or Deal Merchandise (remember the stock is available and no labour tech time is required)

The Unit Deal Options will become Fulfilled 

The User will only be required to close out the Unit Deal section