This article will show a user how they can manually amend a Part Record

There are several reasons why a dealership may wish to manually amend a Part record

There may be a change in MSRP / Cost Price / Package / Auto Reorder / Retail Price etc

How to manually amend a Part Record 

  1. Navigate to the relevant Part record screen > click User-added image


  1. This will open up the Edit Merchandise window:

  1. Just scroll down to the field that you wish to change.

Example One

As we wish to change the MSRP from zero to $15.00, we have scrolled to the Per Item Pricing section

Scroll down to the section you want to change ie Cost or Retail or add an Environmental Fee.


Example Two

We want to introduce Auto Reordering to this Part Record

Scroll down to the section you want to change ie Auto-Reorder and add your MIN quantity value and MAX quantity value

This would mean that when the Available Stock gets down to the Minimum Qty then it will automatically add it as required for stock to the next Vendor Order you place for this Part Record's Vendor up to the value of the Maximum Qty

Example Three

We want to change this Part to now be a packaged Part

Scroll down to the section you want to change ie Packaged Part

Check the radio box to indicate that it is now a packaged part and it will populate additional fields for you to complete. 

  1. To finalise any change, click User-added image.  

Keep in mind that that on the Part Record, it will record who and when the last time the Part Record was modified