This article will go through the Sale Price field on a Part Record 

Part Record - Sale Price 

There is a field on a Part Record - Sale Price which will allow the Dealership to manually add a Sale Price

Then when the User adds this relevant part to a Customer Order, the system will automatically add the Sale Price with the following exception:

  • If the Sale Price will remain the default price so long as it is not greater than the normal calculated price for the customer

Adding a Sale Price

  • Navigate to the relevant Part Record  > click on EDIT 

  • Scroll down to see the Sale Price field and type in the figure that you want - Don't forget to SAVE


  • On the Part Record you will now see the Sale Price along with the MSRP and Retail Price

Any ramifications with Importing Price Files

If the Dealership imports a price file, it will not override the Sale Price field.  It will only override the relevant MSRP / Retail / Cost as required by the price file

Sale Price field needs to be manually updated or changed or removed