Blackpurl has the ability to produce a Vendor Honda export file that can imported into Honda eBiz.

To setup this functionality, the Dealership will need to provide Blackpurl:

  • Their Honda Dealer Number / Dealer Code (if the Dealership has two Dealer Numbers / Dealer Codes - please provide the one that you would normally use as it will be set up as the default)
  • The Honda Vendor - Vendor Code in Blackpurl.  This is where you will find the Honda Vendor Code in Blackpurl - navigate to the Vendor and then take note of the vendor code (see example below).

  • Once it is setup, Blackpurl will notify you that you can now use the VO export file for Honda eBiz and will automatically use your default Honda Dealer Number / Dealer Code

When setup is complete, all you need to do now is to process a Vendor Order for Honda:

  • Then to export the VO file by clicking on which will load the Export Order window
  • From the Export Order window > clickand then select Honda EBiz

  • Once you have selected the correct format > click

  • You will have the option of just accepting the default Dealer Number / Dealer Code OR you can type in your other Dealer Number / Dealer Code 

You also have the option of just accepting the default order type OR you can select a different order type by using the dropdown and selecting from:

  • R = Regular Order 
  • E = Emergency Order
  • S = Standard Order

  • Once you have made your selections, click on and an export will be be produced for you to use on the Honda website.