This article is regarding Blackpurl's ability to produce a Vendor Honda America export file that can be imported into Honda America


There is no setup required for this functionality but Dealership will need to know their Honda America Dealer Number 

How to do a Vendor Order Export from Blackpurl

As there is no setup requirements, all you need to do now is to process a Vendor Order for Honda by preparing a Vendor Order for Honda 

When the Vendor Order is ready to go 

  • Export the VO file by clicking on which will load the Export vendor order window

  • From the Export vendor order window > clickand then select American Honda 

  • Once you have selected the correct format and click 

  • The user will be required to key in their Dealer Code and then click


  • The export file will then export out of Blackpurl 

Changing the Encoding Format on the Blackpurl Export File 

Please note that when exporting files out of Blackpurl, Blackpurl uses industry standard encoding format

However Honda require the file to use the older encoding ANSI format

On the Blackpurl export file, you will need to change the encoding to ANSI format 

To do this - open the export file in the program Notepad then click FILE > SAVE AS 

Then from the SAVE AS window > change the encoding format from UTF-8 to ANSI


The new save as file will be the file you import into Honda America