This article will cover the scenario of the Dealership wanting to uncommit part/s from a Customer Order and turn them into a Special Order part instead

Basically so they can sell the stock on hand available part to another customer

How to uncommit Parts from a Customer Order

For example

  • You may have committed a part to Mr Jones' Customer Order but he won't be coming in for a while to collect it and you have time to order him another one  

  • You now have another customer standing in front of you wanting the same part straight away

  • Why miss out on a sale when you can uncommit the part from Mr Jones' Customer Order and then reallocate it to the new Customer Order

This would be Mr Jones' Customer Order and Part# SAN1243 has been committed to this Customer Order and won't be in to collect it for around 2 weeks (time enough to order and receive the part)

Mr Smith comes into the Dealership and wants the exact same part but he needs it today

Unfortunately there is no other available stock to give him but you know that Mr Jones won't be for a couple of weeks to collect the part that has been committed to him 

Dealership decides that they are going to uncommit the part that has been allocated to Mr Jones and instead give it to Mr Smith

To do this:

  • Navigate to the Customer Order for Mr Jones and the relevant line item and click on  

This will open up the line item for you to change the status 

  • Once the line item is open > click into the Qty Needed field

  • This will open up the Committed from the stock field for you to change this to zero

Remember you are uncommitting the part from this Customer Order

  • Once you have clicked off the Committed from the Stock field > the status of the line item will now change to Required

  • This means that you will need to order the part for Mr Jones but the part has now become available and in stock to commit to Mr Smith

  • All you need to do is add the Part to Mr Smith's Customer Order and then arrange to order the part for Mr Jones' Customer Order