This article will explain what is required from the Dealership if they wish to arrange a FTP data feed

In order for information from Blackpurl to be regularly pushed out to a 3rd Party Application, like available unit inventory, uploaded to an eCommerce or lead generation website etc, Blackpurl needs to setup a data feed on your behalf with the information that the Dealership provides

Please note that this is a data feed only - we do not offer the ability to send images as well

Dealership will need to complete the following steps to setup the FTP Data Feed: 

  1. FTP Permissions - Please complete this form
    Blackpurl will need to obtain authorization from the Dealership to allow us to share your data with 3rd Party Integrator

  2. FTP Credentials - Please complete this form
    Blackpurl will also need your FTP information which the Dealership will need to obtain from their 3rd Party Integrator


 The information required is:

  • FTP server IP/site address
  • Username and password
  • Upload directory (optional) 
  • Data feed frequency (daily/weekly & preferred time)
  • File name convention


Please remember that providing the correct uppercase / lowercase is important as it makes a difference to setup and connectivity.   For example you could provide us with the password as SERVICE (all caps lock uppercase) but the actual password is Service so the FTP will fail to be received by your 3rd Party Integrator

Please also ask that your 3rd Party Integrator not to have characters in your Username like an apostrophe eg Username: Cathy's or F&C


Here is a link to the Blackpurl Stock Unit FTP Sample data sheet.  If no Stock Unit data sheet is provided - then we will use the standard Blackpurl one

If your website provider requires the Blackpurl IP address to whitelist – please provide them with:

Upon receipt of the completed forms - our development team will setup your data feed and you will be notified when successful